Liminal Drifter

Liminal DrifterLiminal Drifter is an ongoing travelogue between identities, physical places and states of consciousness. Many of these dreamy, evocative slices of ambient electronica evolved on hand-held mobile devices, away from the studio, while traveling or visiting new places. This sense of contemplative, exploratory rootlessness imbues his work with the wistfulness and open narrative we often associate with travel.

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Choir on Mars (Single)

April 2020

The first single from Connected, the fourth album by Perth-based ambient electronica artist Liminal Drifter. The album will see release on May 29th.

Following on from 2018’s wonderfully received The Dreams, Liminal Drifter delivers another suite of mesmeric electronica in his latest outing, Connected. Dripping with dub-inflected rhythms and intricate melodic tapestries, Connected is a collection of eight intangible travelscapes that touch on both the astral and the earthbound.

The album’s buoyant and often uplifting electronica belies the conditions under which it was created. Born out of a period of personal trauma, Connected acts as a musical salve and a celebration of important moments. Opener ‘Choir on Mars’ is a playful invitation to enter Liminal Drifter’s bright musical space, its subtly phased electric piano playing against reverberant chords, crisp beats and breathy sampled voices. ‘Braxton’ brings to mind In Sides-era Orbital as it draws you inexorably into its centre. ‘Sheep Radio’ is a happy-to-be-sad slice of daydream-dub electronica, layered with intricate samples and an insistent yet delicate melodic progression. And closing track ‘Atlantean Shaman’ taps into a moody, reflective space, casting a majestic shadow across the preceding 40 minutes of music.


The Dreams

June 2018

Following his acclaimed debut album, Troubled Mystic, and its remix companion, Night Train Vacancies, this new collection displays Simon Order’s ongoing mastery of melodic, transportive electronica. Befitting its title, The Dreams has a hypnotic feel, its pristine sonics rendered uncanny by subliminal details. Track titles such as ‘Beach Fair’, ‘Angels of the Sea’ and ‘Fish Don’t Have Arms or Legs’ offer suggestions of the aquatic vibe of the release, with sonar pings and synth pads washing in and out as samples of submerged voices nag at the subconscious. Whether it’s the driving bassline of ‘Stranger Things’, the dream-pop guitars and skanking piano on ‘Man is Part of Nature’, or the thick synth arpeggiation on the closing track ‘Time Lapse’, The Dreams takes great care to offer up waves of lush dreamtronica.


The Night Train Vacancies

August 2017

On Night Train Vacancies, Liminal Drifter takes his ideas of shifting identities, travel and states of consciousness to the logical extreme. While most of debut album Troubled Mystic (Hidden Shoal, 2015) was written while travelling and visiting new places, The Night Train Vacancies sees Liminal Drifter’s music taking new journeys of its own. By throwing the original tracks out into the world, to be reinterpreted by artists such as Erik Nilsson, Matt McLean (of Lilt), Lvmark, p_Frisk and Robwun, Simon Order has invested his musical flights of fancy with fresh wings.
Labelmate Erik Nilsson’s reworking of ‘Troubled Mystic’ is an exercise in both restraint and expansion, reining in the original’s downtempo beats and horns, pairing Chloe March’s voice with nylon-string guitar and shimmering synth. Matt McLean, working under the moniker of Feeding | Ear, morphs the ambient electronica of ‘Adventure Beyond the Body’ into a spectral, tension-and-release banger. p-Frisk’s sublime mashup seamlessly interweaves three originals from Troubled Mystic into an eerie shuffle, populated by ghostly hooks, while Order’s own remix of labelmate Kryshe’s ‘Lullaby’ renders the original in a palette that sits beautifully with the other tracks. In fact, if there’s a distinguishing feature of this collection, it’s how well the tracks flow together, despite the variety of remixers involved and their diverse approaches to the source material.


Troubled Mystic

August 2015

Troubled Mystic is the debut album by Australian electronic artist Liminal Drifter, featuring collaborations with English dream-pop artist Chloe March. Drawing on the seminal Warp releases of the ’90s, including Black Dog, Plaid and early Autechre, as well as more contemporary peers, Liminal Drifter evokes a spectrum of emotions across beautifully detailed electronic tapestries. Moving from downtempo dream-pop to shimmering, spacey electronica, this suite of songs works as if by osmosis, gently irradiating your subconscious. Liminal Drifter roves widely and deeply across Troubled Mystic’s hour-long run-time, allowing the songs to breathe and cross-pollinate. The title track punctuates a bright, shuffling groove with golden swells of brass and an aching vocal from Chloe March. ‘Dark Sunlight’ recalls the brooding majesty of Massive Attack’s ‘Inertia Creeps’. And gorgeous closer ‘Soothed by Summer’ vibrates with crystalline melancholia, resonating long after the last note has dropped.


Liminal Drifter is Dr. Simon Order. Under the ’90s moniker of dUB Rumble, Order worked with UK prog rockers Galahad on Deconstructing Ghosts, assumed bass and production duties with Dorset funksters The Bird Tribe, and produced acoustic blues band The Producers’ Nearly Wired album. He also brings numerous TV, film and radio sound credits from ol’ Blighty. Order landed in Western Australia in 2005 and went on sonic hiatus until 2013, when he emerged from the wilderness to resume working on tracks as Liminal Drifter.

Order is also an academic at Perth’s Murdoch University, where he researches radio and music technology, including radio production, community media, user-interface usability, and the use of music technology in teaching and learning.



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Liminal Drifter’s music is  available for licensing (master & sync cleared) through Hidden Shoal. Please contact us with some basic details about your project and the track(s) you wish to use and we’ll be sure to get back to you straight away.

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