Splinters, Vol. III: RavageHidden Shoal is excited to announce the release of Splinters Vol III: Ravage, the stunning new album from brooding instrumental project Battlestations. The album is available to download via Bandcamp for free for the next month. The music of Battlestations is available to license for use in film, tv, games, web etc via Hidden Shoal.

Following on from the first two volumes in the Splinter series, Ravage continues Battlestations’ journey into epic, unconventional and experimental soundscapes. Over its single-track, 38-minute run time, Ravage guides the listener through multi-textural narratives that borrow as much from the imagined futures of sci-fi as they do from the past and present horrors of industrialised capitalism. There’s a clear and elegantly designed arc to the music’s solemn drift, as periodic rhythmic passages act as structural scaffolding for thick waves of synths and guitars. Anyone enamoured with the first wave of classic post-rock, such as early Ulver, will find plenty to love in Ravage’s dramatic contours.