RewildingThere’s certainly something here that ought to appeal to those much tuned into the domino catalogue c. 99 not least for the way in which its dreamily reflective tones are teasingly sculptured in a disarmingly fragile whittling…” – The Sunday Experience

The mid-fi, meandering beauty of Rewilding emphasises how music can be an organic, flowing process, leading the listener into disorientating new territory. While Rewilding’s precedents are clear – Fridge, Pram, Broadcast – the personality and texture of these instrumental miniatures is unique and disarming. Experimental pop is rarely so approachable and beguiling.




Abandoned Kiva

April 2022

Following on from 2020’s mesmerising instrumental album Rain Patch, Rewilding’s new album, , traverses exciting new ground for the band. In-keeping with the album’s underlying theme of seeking fresh connections in a world characterised by disconnection, the album introduces vocals by new collaborator Monica Alexandra, while continuing to explore the blurred lines between lo-fi indie-pop, post-rock and film soundtracks.

With Alexandra’s vocals in the mix alongside Jake McFee’s own, Abandoned Kiva shares musical DNA with Broadcast’s Tender Buttons, where haunting voices weave amid dense, dark musical hallways, flickering with the promise of revelation while perpetually dodging out of reach. Single ‘Astro-Geo Alignment’ typifies the album’s charms, as rickety rhythms are held together by hazy guitars, synths and voices, warping the listener’s perception of the music’s temporal and spatial dimensions.


Rain Patch

April 2020

Following on from 2017’s self-titled debut album, Rain Patch continues Rewilding’s exploration of the neglected, dusty spaces found between lo-fi indie-pop, post-rock and film soundtracks. While there are the obvious recent touchstones, such as Fridge, Beak and Olivia Tremor Control, and the less obvious, such as the soundtrack to cult 1980s sci-fi movie Liquid Sky, Rain Patch mines a primitive yet mesmerising vein of instrumental music in which process and result are intimately entwined. The songs on Rain Patch are their own ecosystems, requiring the listener to step inside to fully experience their vivid details.

This ecological analogy extends to the process of the album’s creation. In 2017 Jake McFee relocated to Glacier Bay, Alaska, where much of the album was conceived and recorded. Given the limitations of not being able to transport all the studio equipment he used on previous Rewilding music, he wrote and recorded many of the original ideas using small, portable instruments such as hand percussion, glockenspiel, acoustic guitar and mini Korg synths. The summers were spent at Glacier Bay, while winters were spent back in Philadelphia, where he was able to overdub drums and electric guitars. Between 2017 and 2019, the songs evolved into the forms heard on Rain Patch, as McFee reckoned with his experience of witnessing the pristine wilderness of Glacier Bay being transformed by climate change.



September 2017

Teeming with disorienting organic details and often taking surreal detours, Rewilding possesses a rare, meandering beauty. While the album’s precedents are clear – Fridge, Pram, Broadcast – the personality and texture of these instrumental miniatures is unique and disarming. Instrumental pop is rarely so approachable and beguiling.  With each track seemingly inspired by a specific environment, creature or atmosphere, there’s a natural, evocative ecology at work in the album as a whole. From the dry expanses of single ‘High Desert’ via the warbling analogue tones of ‘Under Water Footage’ through to the melancholic slow-motion motorik of ‘Lonesome Briar Patch’, this instrumental journey is a deeply felt ride.


Rewilding is the solo project of Philadelphia-based musician and producer Jake McFee (Connected View). Jake began making music with Charlie Fieger and Kyle Pieloch in 1999 in a band called Psychic Violence, influenced by artists like Sonic Youth, Blonde Redhead, PJ Harvey, Radiohead, Mazzy Star and The Velvet Underground. Psychic Violence broke up in 2000, then reconvened as Connected View in 2008 with a fresh range of diverse new influences, including Ennio Morricone, Stereolab, Broadcast, Boards of Canada, Lali Puna, Pram, Piero Umiliani, Can and Cluster. Jake started Rewilding to creatively invest himself in a musical project in which he could assert sole control over the creative decision-making. Although his Connected View bandmates Charlie Fieger and Kyle Pieloch both play on the self-titled debut, released by Hidden Shoal in 2017, all of the composition, production, editing and mixing was done by Jake. Rain Patch is his second album, released by Hidden Shoal in 2020.



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