“I had the honor of premiering Kramies’ debut album last weekafter covering his music on and off for the past six years – and truth be told, I’m not done talking about it. The phrase “hauntingly beautiful” comes to mind when describing the self-titled Kramies, a stunning record that blends fantasy and reality into a lush, raw, and ethereal dream-folk triumph. Listeners are sure to find their own favorite moments of catchy music and deep meaning, and for me the indisputable highlight is Kramies‘ fourth track, “Ohio I’ll Be Fine,” a heartfelt acoustic ballad featuring Jerry Becker and Jim Bogios.

The closest thing the folk singer/songwriter has come to “emo” music in all the time that I’ve known him, “Ohio I’ll Be Fine” is an achingly bittersweet, happy/sad reckoning with Kramies’ past and present home state of Ohio. “I grew up in Ohio, I got sober and left, my life changed and grew into what it is now,” he explains. “What’s so ironic is I just moved back after almost two decades away. I don’t know how long it will last, but I’m here in it and I’m really happy for now. Without giving to much away, I’ll say this is more of a positive so-long song than sad: It’s my ‘goodbye/hello again‘ song to Ohio memories.”

Atwood Magazine