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Memorybell “Membranes” Out Now

We're excited to announce the official release of Membranes, the 5th LP by American neoclassical ambient artist Memorybell. The album is available in digital and CD formats via Bandcamp and in digital format via Spotify, Apple Music and the other usual suspects....

New Memorybell Single from “Membranes”, Album Pre-Orders

We're excited to present the new single, and album pre-orders for Membranes, the 5th LP by American neoclassical ambient artist Memorybell. The album sees release on the 10th of June through Hidden Shoal. The title track is available to stream via SoundCloud and album...

New Rewilding Album “Abandoned Kiva” Out Now!

Hidden Shoal is proud to present the wonderful new album from US experimental pop project Rewilding. Abandoned Kiva is available now in digital and CD formats. The latest single and accompanying music video is also available now to stream and watch. The music of...

New Erik Nilsson EP – “Dirge”

Dirge, the fourth instalment of Erik Nilsson's Notes and Sketches series, draws together and expands on material generated though Nilsson’s engagement with the Disquiet Junto Project. The EP is available now via Bandcamp and can be streamed on Spotify et al. The music...

Moonchy & Tobias “Golem” Out Now!

We’re excited to announce the official release of the new Moonchy & Tobias album, Golem. The album is available now through through Tiny Room Records and Hidden Shoal and can be purchased (CD + Digital) via Bandcamp and streamed via Spotify. Golem sees Moonchy...

Willem Gator “Sold Out” EP Out Now!

Willem Gator‘s latest slice of electronic mesmerism, Sold Out, is now officially available. The EP can be streamed via Spotify and is also available via the usual outlets. The single, 'Jingle Plaid', is available to stream via SoundCloud and is accompanied by a...

Latest Reviews

Moonchy & Tobias “Golem” Reviewed at De Subjectivisten

"Small but nice they say? Now that certainly applies to the great micro label Tiny Room Records, where one original act after another appears. The duo Moonchy & Tobias is living proof of this, who will debut in 2018 with the eponymous debut written entirely in...

Memorybell “No Anchor” Reviewed at Echoes and Dust

"I’ve never heard anything by Memorybell or the music of the artist behind the sobriquet, Grant Hazard Outerbridge, but as soon as I saw the cover art and read that it was piano-centered ambient music, I got the sense that I would enjoy No Anchor immensely. The album...

Moonchy & Tobias ‘Foglia di Te’ Reviewed at Tonic Grain

"The duo of vocalist Pat Moonchy and instrumentalist Todd Tobias have released the magical EP “Venus Mirror” that includes a stunning track called “Foglia di Te.” The song title translates from Italian as “Tea Leaf,” and it features beautiful lyrics and an immersive,...

Chloe March “Starlings & Crows” Reviewed at Ondarock

"One of those magical words that sometimes manages to capture the reader's attention is underestimated. I find it actually difficult to call Chloë March with the term underrated, because in this case we are faced with a real neglect by critics and the public, despite...

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