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The Greatest Thing That Never Happened… Yet
by Otinget

Glass Garden
by Memorybell

True Sound
by The World of Dust

by Jumpel

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Stunning Neo-Classical EP From Lunar Landscape’s Arnaud Sigonney

Hidden Shoal is excited to present the debut solo release from Lunar Landscape's Arnaud Sigonney. In contrast to the epic, progressive sound of Lunar Landscape, this solo EP finds Sigonney exploring a neo-classical palette of piano and strings. The title, which...

“The Field” – Beautiful New EP from The Slanted City

We’re excited to announce the release of The Field, the new EP from the Erik Nilsson project The Slanted City. The EP is available now via Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and the rest. The music of The Slanted City is available for licensing (film, tv, web etc) via...

The World of Dust – New Music Video and Interview

We're excited to present the wonderfully playful music video by Mark Jennings for The World of Dust song 'Sailing'. The track is lifted from The World of Dust's new album "True Sound", available on CD and digital through Tiny Room Records and streamable via...

New Kramies Single and Video, ‘Ohio, I’ll Be Fine’

Hidden Shoal is excited to present the gorgeous new Kramies single 'Ohio, I’ll Be Fine', a beautiful example of the emotional potency he's has become known for. Taken from the highly anticipated forthcoming self-titled Kramies EP, “Ohio, I’ll Be Fine” taps into...

New Single From The Slanted City, “The Field” EP Soon

We're excited to present 'A House Divided', the first single lifted from The Field, the new EP from the Erik Nilsson project The Slanted City. The EP will see release on 5th October 2021 through Hidden Shoal. The music of The Slanted City is available for licensing...

Liminal Drifter ‘Cut Out’ – New Single!

Hidden Shoal is excited to present the new Liminal Drifter single, ‘Cut Out’, the perfect way to usher in the Australian springtime. Clean and shimmering, punctuated by golden horns and keys, the song’s positive momentum is counterbalanced by the bittersweet taste of...

Latest Reviews

Memorybell “No Anchor” Reviewed at Echoes and Dust

"I’ve never heard anything by Memorybell or the music of the artist behind the sobriquet, Grant Hazard Outerbridge, but as soon as I saw the cover art and read that it was piano-centered ambient music, I got the sense that I would enjoy No Anchor immensely. The album...

Moonchy & Tobias ‘Foglia di Te’ Reviewed at Tonic Grain

"The duo of vocalist Pat Moonchy and instrumentalist Todd Tobias have released the magical EP “Venus Mirror” that includes a stunning track called “Foglia di Te.” The song title translates from Italian as “Tea Leaf,” and it features beautiful lyrics and an immersive,...

Chloe March “Starlings & Crows” Reviewed at Ondarock

"One of those magical words that sometimes manages to capture the reader's attention is underestimated. I find it actually difficult to call Chloë March with the term underrated, because in this case we are faced with a real neglect by critics and the public, despite...

Chloe March ‘All Things Good’ Reviewed at Fifty3 Musings on Music

"It was hard not to be charmed by the beauty of Chloë March’s album, Starlings & Crows, which flew into sight in October last year. As a timely reminder of her precious talent, the English ambient-pop artiste has just shared a third single off the record, “All...

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