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New Single from The Caribbean’s Michael Kentoff

Hidden Shoal is excited to announce the release of 'A Tour of Washington​’​s Jewish Homes', the first single from the forthcoming Michael Kentoff album Washington Hebrew. new album from brooding instrumental project Battlestations. The track is available as a free...

The World of Dust “13 Holy Nights” Out Now!

Hidden Shoal is excited to announce the release of 13 Holy Nights, the wonderful new album from The World of Dust, the musical project of Stefan Breuer. The album is available now on vinyl, CD and digital via Bandcamp and to stream on Spotify along with the other...

Paraphon “Infinity” Out Now

Hidden Shoal is excited to announce the release of Infinity, the stunning sophomore release from Paraphon. The album is available now for download now via Bandcamp with availability on streaming platforms to follow. Be sure to check out the video teaser for the album...

Summon the Birds “Blood Love” Single and Remixes

Hidden Shoal is excited to present the release of 'Blood Love' by Summon the Birds, the Melbourne band’s swansong, alongside remixes by labelmates Markus Mehr and Erik Nilsson. The track is available to stream and download on Spotify, Bandcamp and all good online...

Battlestations “Splinters Vol III: Ravage” Out Now!

Hidden Shoal is excited to announce the release of Splinters Vol III: Ravage, the stunning new album from brooding instrumental project Battlestations. The album is available to download via Bandcamp for free for the next month. The music of Battlestations is...

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Moonchy & Tobias – Delibo

‘Delibo’ is the new single from the forthcoming Moonchy & Tobias EP, “Venus Mirror”, out 5th June through Tiny Room Records and Hidden Shoal. Venus Mirror is a buoyant follow-up to the brooding, nocturnal atmospheres of the duo’s 2020 release Moonchy & Tobias III, the luminous, soothing Venus Mirror is infused with an almost tropical […]

Markus Mehr – United States of Sound

Taken from Brief Conversations, the ninth album by German experimental ambient artist Markus Mehr. Thanks to Monika Harrer-Jalsovec at Schaezlerpalais, Kunstsammlungen & Museen Augsburg for their support. Special thanks to Dr. Christof Trepesch. Brief Conversations is Markus Mehr’s ode to the acoustic properties of the spaces we listen within. High-resolution recordings of rooms acted as […]

Memorybell – Sigh of Floes

‘Sigh of Floes’  is taken from the Memorybell album Solace (Oct 2 2020). Music video by Australian video artist and Hidden Shoal founder Cam Merton. Taking inspiration from moments of repose, Solace sees Memorybell expand upon the pockets of stillness introduced in Obsolete and enlarge them until one can become lost. Solace explores the kinds […]

The World of Dust – The Life of Gods

Taken from “Blue Herons”, the new split 7″ from Karl Blau & The World of Dust. Karl Blau (USA) and Stefan Breuer from The World of Dust (NL) cross paths when they perform together in an old mill in The Netherlands, September 2017. Being a longtime admirer of Blau’s work (both solo and with The […]

Liminal Drifter – Choir on Mars

‘Choir on Mars’ is the first single from Connected, the fourth album by Perth-based ambient electronica artist Liminal Drifter. The track is accompanied by a wonderful music video from Perth based video artist dQ Video. Connected will see release on May 29th 2020.

Kramies – Everything The End (feat. Jason Lytle)

Taken from Of All The Places Been & Everything The End, the new EP by American dream-pop troubadour Kramies. The EP will see release via Hidden Shoal on the 19th of October. Created in collaboration with Jason Lytle (Grandaddy), Todd Tobias (Guided by Voices) and Jerry Becker (Train), Kramies’ epic new EP, Of All The […]

Willem Gator – ‘Kowloon’

Music video for the track ‘Kowloon’ taken from the Willem Gator album Hong Kong Express. In Hong Kong Express fat basslines create Berliner style patterns pulsating through landscapes of oriental instruments such as the Erhu, Zheng, Sanxian and swarms of Chinese percussions. While you listen to these tracks, you’ll be able to see and feel […]

Involved – ‘Radiation Leak’

The new 3D animated music video for Involved‘s ‘Radiation Leak’, taken from their 2014 debut Revolving Maze. The video, created by Hidden Shoal’s Cam Merton, is a brooding sci-fi film noir set piece featuring ghostly silhouettes wandering through a smoke-filled city of glittering skyscrapers and glassy plazas. What at first seems graceful, peaceful and organised, […]

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