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Starlings & Crows
by Chloe March

The Slanted City
by The Slanted City

by Memorybell

The Nomenclature of Kites
by Target Archery

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Chloe March “Starlings & Crows” Out Now!

Hidden Shoal is proud to announce the release of the stunning new Chloe March album Starlings & Crows. The album is available now in CD, cassette and digital formats via Bandcamp, streaming via Spotify and is also available via all good online stores and streaming...

Memorybell ‘Day Glides After You’ Live Performance

Check out this stunning live rendition of ‘Day Glides After You’ from the new Memorybell album Solace. Do yourself a favour and wrap yourself is this warm, 12 minute blanket of sound. You’ll thank us. The album is available to purchase on CD and in...

The Slanted City Debut Out Now!

Hidden Shoal is proud to announce the release of the brilliant self-titled debut album by The Slanted City, the new minimalist pop project from Erik Nilsson. The album is available now via Bandcamp, Spotify and all good online stores and streaming services. The...

“Moonchy & Tobias III” Reviewed at Louder Than War

“This is the third record from ex GBV man, Todd Tobias and Italian chanteuse Pat Moonchy, and it’s possibly their best. Moonchy & Tobias III is certainly the perfect soundtrack to these discombobulating times. Soundtracking the vacuum with their elegant...

Target Archery Feature Album at RTRFM

Target Archery‘s gorgeous new album The Nomenclature of Kites is this week’s local feature album at the wonderful RTRFM. Tune in to the station to hear tracks featured all week. The album is available now for download via Bandcamp, streaming via Spotify...

New Chloe March Single – ‘Remember That Sky’

‘Remember That Sky’ is the gorgeous second single from English ambient-pop artist Chloë March. The track is lifted from her forthcoming album Starlings & Crows which sees release on the 23rd of October 2020. The track is available now via Spotify, SoundCloud and...

Latest Reviews

The Slanted City ‘Further’ Reviewed at Here Comes The Flood

“Swedish musician Erik Nilsson explores synths and piano-driven ambient pop on Further, the new single by his one-man project The Slanted City. He sets sail to explore uncharted waters, longing to find to places that no one has ever visited before. He takes it...

Chloe March ‘To a Place’ Reviewed at Fresh on the Net

“This song was a nice juxtaposition against the previous on the list. In another world we are whipped off by the winds to a new environment and already charmed by its surroundings. I felt overwhelmed by the imagery, such was its power. Like finding a fascinating...

Liminal Drifter “Connected” Reviewed at A Closer Listen

“We sat on this album for an entire season ~ it remained on the outskirts of our consciousness, struggling to find its way to the top like a buried daydream. But here it is, summer, and the recent heatwaves have us picturing the couple on the cover, while the...

Liminal Drifter “Connected” Reviewed at Xpress Mag

“After moving to Western Australia from the UK in 2005, Dr. Simon Order formed the solo project Liminal Drifter in 2013, and has since built up an excellent catalogue of music. His new album Connected follows on from well-received 2018 album The Dreams,...

Rewilding ‘Home Shore Highlights’ Reviewed at Fingertips

The oddly inviting instrumental “Home Shore Highlights” intermingles the organic and the electronic with idiosyncratic aplomb. Listen, for instance, to how the synthesizer takes the lead at some moments, a homely glockenspiel at others. The overall effect is a singular type of unsophisticated sophistication—it feels both homespun and skillfully assembled. On the one hand, the song is little more than a variety of recurring, related melodies on top of an unhurried tropical beat; on the other hand, things feel ongoingly off-kilter and endearing. As different sounds take turns in the spotlight, one consistent underlying element is the hands-on percussion, mixed with a bashy spaciousness that adds three-dimensionality to the aural landscape.

Markus Mehr “Brief Conversations” Reviewed at ambientblog

“Don’t expect spoken ‘conversations’ on this album: these tracks are reflections of the ‘conversations’ German experimental artist Markus Mehr had exploring different rooms. “Rooms communicate with us, we can listen to them”. For the inexperienced listener, some...

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