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Glanko and Daniel BaileyGlanko and Daniel Bailey create music at the intersection of soundscape and song, where field recordings and loops play as important a role as piano and guitar. Their debut Isometrik EP is evidence of the kind of alchemy that can only be conjured when two creative minds are perfectly in tune. Rich with textural counterpoint, these brooding yet innately melodic pieces envelope the listener with their intensity and grace.

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Isometrik Remixes

November 2016

On their debut collaboration, Isometrik, Glanko & Daniel Bailey delivered an EP rich with textural counterpoint, full of brooding yet innately melodic pieces that envelope the listener with their intensity and grace. On this beautiful new companion EP we see these tracks brilliantly deconstructed and made new by Marco Caricola, Arc Lab, Davide Cantile, and Glanko and Daniel Bailey themselves.

From Arc Lab’s sublime expansive reworking of ‘Consunzione’ to Marco Caricola’s emotive neo-classical take on ‘Adiaphora’ to David Cantile’s minimal and brooding dual takes on ‘Vaucanson’, Glanko & Danely Bailey’s guests bring a sense of reverence for the originals along with ingenuity in their re-incarnation. Glanko’s own re-working of ‘Vaucanson’ is luscious and pensive electronic neo-classicism whilst Daniel Bailey delivers an epic and brooding slow build in the form of 12.15’s Riddle (Outro)’.



May 2016

Isometrik is evidence of the kind of alchemy that can only be conjured when two creative minds are perfectly in tune. Rich with textural counterpoint, these brooding yet innately melodic pieces envelope the listener with their intensity and grace. This music exists at the intersection of soundscape and song, where field recordings and loops play as important a role as piano and guitar.

Over its 4-track, 23-minute runtime, Isometrik delivers an immersive musical narrative. Opener ‘In Eboli’ conveys a bustling and brooding nocturnal scene, before ‘Vaucanson’ evokes the sunrise of the morning after – but one coloured by melancholy. On ‘Consunzione’, the cave-like ambience of echoing voices and field recordings is overwhelmed by guitar drones, synths and percussion, which accumulates into a majestic wall of sound. And on mesmerising closer ‘Adiaphora’, Glanko constructs a towering edifice of reverb and glitch around Daniel Bailey’s deliciously languid guitar loops.


Glanko and Daniel Bailey are old friends who have walked different artistic paths. Glanko has been an IDM/glitch/industrial producer since 2012, while Daniel Bailey has been a singer, guitarist and songwriter in various alternative rock bands, and is also working on a solo project. Their collaboration began in Italy in December 2015, mainly focused on experimentation and combining their unique sensibilities. The result is the Isometrik EP, conceived and recorded during a short stay in Monti Picentini, Italy.



  • “Eat Your Friends” Compilation Reviewed at DOA

    “Over almost a decade, Hidden Shoal records developed a reputation as a consistently innovative and experimental music label, giving to us music of remarkable qualities whether it was the instrumental excursions of Gilded, the blissed-out indie of My Majestic Star, the electronica of Marcus Mehr, the alt.folk stylings of Kramies – the HSR list of significant talents was a lengthy one. I say was, as in 2014 or thereabouts, the Hidden Shoal label underwent a reorganisation of sorts, and it began to seem that one of the more influential Australian record labels of the recent past was itself going into hiding. Perhaps so, although only to return refreshed, renewed, invigorated and with its varying artistic visions intact – the Eat Your Friends compilation proves that the Hidden Shoal label is properly with us again.

    One thing I’ve found when reviewing compilations is that not infrequently, when I put them into my music players, the tracks separate instead of remaining in their album folder, and that has happened with my copy of Eat Your Friends, encouraging me to view each of the tracks as a single release rather than view the album itself as a cohesive whole. Then there’s the fact that only some of its contributors are already known to me and so, ditching some of my preconceptions about what it’s going to sound like, I began listening to the 11 tracks in a random sequence, and prepared for the unexpected.

    Firstly, there’s singer/songwriter Erik Nilsson’s “Moksha Can Wait”, a song which electronic composer Marcus Mehr has taken and adapted to his subtly developed production sound, a track that begins almost inaudibly and builds to a staggering crescendo of soaring, roaring electronic sound and with Nilsson’s guitar and piano providing a counterpoint to Mehr’s swirling atmospherics. The ambient chill of City Of Satellites is given an added gloss by Tim Manzano, although I’m not so sure what he’s actually done with the track – it does sound a lot like the City Of Satellites I know from their Machine Is My Animal album, although as the track progresses and the rhythm and bass begin to disintegrate into a dubby conclusion it seems more apparent where Manzano has left his mark. Arc Lab’s “Through The Burning Glass” is remixed by Glanko, beginning with a club-level bassline before levelling into a noir tinged synth epic. And just when you thought the tracks on Eat Your Friends were entirely instrumentals, Rew perform a cover version of Umpire’s “Green Light District” and they do it with a vocal, alongside the strings and crashing cymbals and haltingly uncertain rhythms, a highlight of an album each of whose tracks is in one or another way remarkable.”


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  • Glanko & Daniel Bailey “Isometrik” Reviewed at The Sunday Experience

    “Latest, one of many in truth – we must get them to mail us a definite release schedule – from the adored hidden shoal imprint. Scarcely a dry eye or a glum face in the gaff by the time this completed its visitation cycle, a perfect ‘before everyone gets up’ moment of sweet solitude. This is from a debut EP by duo glanko and daniel bailey, a track by the name ‘adiaphora’ – a beautifully set shy eyed lovely offering a masterclass in the use of space, poise and timing, a frail and fragile ghost light whose hypnotic lull comes teasingly shimmered in a sparse sleepy headed detailing that softly unfurls, stretches and thaws into fully formed view with demurring desire. One for the kranky old guard.”

    The Sunday Experience

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  • Glanko + Daniel Bailey “Isometrik” Reviewed at So What

    [Translated via Google. Read the original here.]

    “A nocturnal wanderings warm mellow shades, a trip to a gradual and inexorable numbness of the senses. Sounds are voluptuous and enthralling those combined by sound artist Giuseppe Fallacara aka Glanko and guitarist Daniel Bailey , merged into a balanced and compelling synthesis that is the hallmark of their ep “Isometrik”, published by the Australian Hidden Shoal .

    The initial liquid pulsations of “In Eboli” instantaneously introduce the atmosphere of the album Twilight, pouring in a steady pace and deep studded with interference fit to the melodic line that drives the track. After the fragile textures and suspended the brief interlude of “Vaucanson” it arrives at the height of the path, represented by the mysterious and disturbing “consumption”. The incisive sound reverberates in a wrap-density full of rough echoes before opening up to a narrative dimension, wherein the synthetic modulations and sharp textures of dialogue guitar in perfect harmony, in an emotional crescendo gritty that still leaves out a delicate and bright melody track . Everything converges on the quiet and pleasant in the doldrums “adiaphora”, the guitar to linger in its hypnotic stream, lying to a more ethereal backdrop but still vaguely dark, as to score a perfect homecoming at the first light of day.”

    So What

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  • Glanko + Daniel Bailey “Isometrik” Reviewed at Igloo Mag

    “Two friends taking different musical paths—Glanko filtering glitch-data streams and electronics (ref. Igloo’s 2014 Alset review released on Halbsicht), Daniel Bailey on the guitarist/songwriter spectrum—bring together their strengths on the Isometrik EP with Australia’s expansive Hidden Shoal imprint.

    A 4-track, 23-minute manifest featruring subdued low-pressure and high emotion, each slice a fragment of life, like fading Polaroids in your grandparents attic. Running parallel elements you might encounter alongside Loess and Loscil, each piece opens vivid laid-back sound arrays, textures, tones and trips.

    “In Eboli,” perhaps the beatier of the lot, loops its synth note around chilled background noises. Lightly dabbling in the mist, bass line in full color, this opener rolls by vast classical plateaus. “Vaucanson” delivers airy soundtrack treatments, piano keys and a solemn venture through time. Isometrik allows a multi-dimensional sphere to appear, its sonic resonance clear to the ears as it delves deeper into spacious trajectories. “Consunzione” reveals falling rain drops, a sparse, if not dark drone punctured by emotive keys gradually expanding as the minutes begin to collapse in surreal harmony. “Adiaphora” blurs the audible lines—its softer shoegaze flow and pillowed blur forms a cohesive dreamscape encapsulating the entire EP. A well-conceived quadruplet that will hopefully spark further interests in a full-length collaboration.”

    Igloo Mag

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