IsometrikWe’ve been waiting patiently to share this amazing debut collaboration between IDM/glitch/industrial producer Glanko and guitarist Daniel Bailey and now the wait is over. Isometrik is evidence of the kind of alchemy that can only be conjured when two creative minds are perfectly in tune. Rich with textural counterpoint, these brooding yet innately melodic pieces envelope the listener with their intensity and grace. This music exists at the intersection of soundscape and song, where field recordings and loops play as important a role as piano and guitar.

Over its 4-track, 23-minute runtime, Isometrik delivers an immersive musical narrative. Opener ‘In Eboli’ conveys a bustling and brooding nocturnal scene, before ‘Vaucanson’ evokes the sunrise of the morning after – but one coloured by melancholy. On ‘Consunzione’, the cave-like ambience of echoing voices and field recordings is overwhelmed by guitar drones, synths and percussion, which accumulates into a majestic wall of sound. And on mesmerising closer ‘Adiaphora’, Glanko constructs a towering edifice of reverb and glitch around Daniel Bailey’s deliciously languid guitar loops.

Head to the artists’ profile for all stream and buy links and to read more about the collaboration. Isometrik also joins the Hidden Shoal licensing catalogue and we have no doubt these songs will find themselves perfectly matched to many a visual sequence!