The Slanted City

Erik NilssonThe Slanted City sees Sweden’s Erik Nilsson shape the experimental instrumental work of his previous two Hidden Shoal releases with his exquisite sense of songcraft and pop nous. The delicate marriage of melody and tone results in elegant minimalist pop with a master craftsman’s attention to detail.
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False Starts (Single)

July 2020

‘False Starts’ is the first single lifted from the self-titled debut album by The Slanted City, the new minimalist pop project from Erik Nilsson. The album sees release on the 9th of October 2020.


Erik Nilsson lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Initially inspired by the grunge scene, Erik first picked up his mother’s old, busted guitar in his early teens and formed rock quartet Banda de Ladrones. Upon hearing Björk some years later, Erik became fascinated with audio manipulation and spent much of his time in the following years mangling samples on his digital workstation. Meanwhile, his musical tastes and influences evolved and expanded into folk, jazz, classical and contemporary experimental music.

Erik’s previous work includes the album Recollage, released by Luxus-Artica Records (re-released by Hidden Shoal in 2016), and the score for Ahmed – Almost 13, a Norwegian documentary screened at the prestigious International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam. His music can be heard in Project Power, which chronicles civic resistance to privatisation in New Brunswick, Canada, and in Are You Still There?, finalist in the 2011 edition of the short film competition The 24 Hour Film Race. Erik is a regular contributor to the Disquiet Junto Project, an online collective exploring the creative potential of constraints. He is also the singer and guitarist of folk-rock trio Otinget. His solo work also includes Hearing Things (Hidden Shoal, 2015) and The Imperfect Tense (Hidden Shoal, 2018).



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    The Slanted City’s music is  available for licensing (master & sync cleared) through Hidden Shoal. Please contact us with some basic details about your project and the track(s) you wish to use and we’ll be sure to get back to you straight away.

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