New Single from The Slanted City

The Slanted City - FurtherHidden Shoal is excited to announce the release of the second single lifted from the self-titled debut album by The Slanted City, the new minimalist pop project from Erik Nilsson. ‘Further’ is a stunning slice of lullaby pop and along with first single ‘False Starts’ speaks volumes about the depth of songcraft on The Slanted City’s debut. The track is available now via Spotify, Bandcamp and SoundCloud ahead of the album release on the 9th of October 2020.

The Slanted City sees Erik Nilsson shape the experimental instrumental work of his previous two Hidden Shoal releases with his exquisite sense of songcraft and pop nous. The delicate marriage of melody and tone in opener ‘Density’ typifies The Slanted City’s elegance and charm. Each part feels carefully placed, the song’s robust structure swaggering and shifting over its 5-minute runtime. Single ‘False Starts’ is as if Split Enz collaborated with King of Limbs-era Radiohead, insistent rhythms interplaying with expansive guitars, synths and Nilsson’s vocal repetitions reminiscent of Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard.

Gentle lullaby ‘Further’ hypnotises with its melancholic piano refrain, hushed vocals and subdued sonic treatments. And ‘Don’t Think of an Elephant’ further emphasises Nilsson’s compositional restraint as he gently marries the song’s two distinct movements before unleashing a wonderful fuzz guitar crescendo. Across these nine tracks and 43 minutes, Nilsson demonstrates a master craftsman’s attention to detail, resulting in an album that blooms on repeat listens.

The music of The Slanted City is available for licensing (film, tv, web etc) via Hidden Shoal.

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