Music ForWe’re excited to announce the release of more new work from the wonderful Erik Nilsson. On the heels of The Slanted City’s self-titled debut album, Erik Nilsson is cleaning his hard drive. In the coming months he will be releasing a series of neglected musical projects under the banner Notes and Sketches. Music For is the third installment of the Notes and Sketches series and explores the notion of musical use value. As Nilsson explains,

“It contains music intended to (1) accompany tooth brushing (subtly notifying the brusher to change sides every thirty seconds), (2) stimulate contemplation during the blue hour, (3) amplify the perceptivity of cloud watchers, and (4) awaken the joy of singing in machines. Feel free to use the music for other purposes, too – at your own risk, of course.”

The album is available now from Bandcamp and soon via Spotify, Apple, Amazon and all the other likely suspects. The music of Erik Nilsson is available for licensing (film, tv, web etc) via Hidden Shoal.