Moon Remix Cover ArtHidden Shoal is proud to announce the release of Glanko’s remix of ‘Moon’ by Italian duo Bento. Glanko strips out the breakneck jazzy rhythms of the original and replaces them with a sleek sci-fi underbelly, lending ‘Moon’ an elegant yet sinister propulsion. The track is available now to stream on Spotify.

“a masterclass in the use of space, poise and timing, a frail and fragile ghost light whose hypnotic lull comes teasingly shimmered in a sparse sleepy headed detailing” – The Sunday Experience on Glanko & Daniel Bailey’s Isometrik

Glanko is the musical moniker of Italian electronic composer Giuseppe Fallacara. Isometrik, his joint EP with Daniel Bailey, was released on Hidden Shoal in 2016. Remission, his third album, was released on Hidden Shoal in 2020.

Bento are Italian duo Francesco Barletta (synth, vocals) and Umberto Coviello (drums). They have collaborated with artists as diverse as Andrea Ruggiero (Motta, Marina Reitec) Mina Carlucci (Vostok), Sabrina de Mitri, Umberto Coviello and Giuseppe Grassi.