[Translated via Google. Read the original here.]

“A nocturnal wanderings warm mellow shades, a trip to a gradual and inexorable numbness of the senses. Sounds are voluptuous and enthralling those combined by sound artist Giuseppe Fallacara aka Glanko and guitarist Daniel Bailey , merged into a balanced and compelling synthesis that is the hallmark of their ep “Isometrik”, published by the Australian Hidden Shoal .

The initial liquid pulsations of “In Eboli” instantaneously introduce the atmosphere of the album Twilight, pouring in a steady pace and deep studded with interference fit to the melodic line that drives the track. After the fragile textures and suspended the brief interlude of “Vaucanson” it arrives at the height of the path, represented by the mysterious and disturbing “consumption”. The incisive sound reverberates in a wrap-density full of rough echoes before opening up to a narrative dimension, wherein the synthetic modulations and sharp textures of dialogue guitar in perfect harmony, in an emotional crescendo gritty that still leaves out a delicate and bright melody track . Everything converges on the quiet and pleasant in the doldrums “adiaphora”, the guitar to linger in its hypnotic stream, lying to a more ethereal backdrop but still vaguely dark, as to score a perfect homecoming at the first light of day.”

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