“Over the centuries, mythology has not lost that charm that places it almost a notch above history itself, as if through tales and legends the events that happened became even more spectacular and interesting. In the plots of the Jewish one there is an imaginary anthropomorphic Dgure called golem, a clay giant, servant of his father and defender of the Jewish people.

It is said that Rabbi Jehuda Löw in the synagogue in the Jewish quarter of Prague had hidden his golem in the attic and that the creature is still there. A dark story that takes us to a parallel world, the same one that is discovered by listening to Moonchy & Tobias .

The duo formed by the Italian vocalist Pat Moonchy and the American multi-instrumentalist Todd Tobias generated their Golem to be released in March 2022 for Hidden Shoal and Tiny Room Records . There is no trace of clay, but of a lot of psychedelic rock that has always characterized the collaboration between the two artists.

Twelve tracks, including some in Italian such as Carnevale and Golem , in which the duo’s skills are widely developed: on the one hand the vocal ability of Pat Moonchy, on the other the solid and reDned structure of Todd Tobias’ musical experiments.

The fusion between the two is now consolidated in a relationship in which no one serves the other, but in which they accompany each other decisively in inspiration and surrender. From the history of the golem we like to think that they took, in fact, not the relationship between the two Dgures (who generates and who is generated), but that sort of mystical magic, fear and amazement at the same time, depth and strength.

The record maintains the same intensity throughout its path, in short, it never gives up, not even for a track.
From Zoas to Jack and The Beanstalk evocative songs follow one another that almost celebrate magical rituals, sacred and profane at the same time, a particular dress that Moonchy & Tobias wear to perfection. The golem is free at last.”