Rewilding ‘High Desert’ Reviewed at The Sunday Experience

“Further Hidden Shoal loveliness, this time in the shape of Rewilding’s ‘high desert’ – a track called from an imminent self-titled set due middle of next month. Rewilding is the alter ego / instrumental project of one Jake McFee of Connected View, as the accompanying blurb rightly notes is a set made up of intricately teased melodic miniatures with an affectionate nod to both Fridge and Pram. There’s certainly something here that ought to appeal to those much tuned into the domino catalogue c. 99 not least for the way in which its dreamily reflective tones are teasingly sculptured in a disarmingly fragile whittling who willowy palette casts a busily beautified lullaby lilting whose playfulness recalls flowchart.”

- The Sunday Experience

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