Negative Energy HouseWe’re excited to announce the release of  Negative Energy House, the new EP by US-based experimental instrumental pop outfit Connected View. The EP is available now via the Connected View Bandcamp.

As though pulled from some rarely seen and certainly forgotten, straight to VHS sci-fi cult classic soundtrack, ‘lizard’ prowls with playful impishness ducking between the narrowing corridors that divide the worlds of the Stranger Things community and Zombi, its mooching mutant funk gouging tripping imagined wastelands of dystopic future worlds.” – The Sunday Experience

Following on from their stunning Hidden Shoal debut release Chun Pop, Connected View’s Energy Negative House finds them at their playful best, weaving rugged analogue tones with playful percussion, aching synth lines and growling bass. Recorded during the course of a single inspired evening, the jumping off point for the tracks was the drum loop from Chun Pop’s ‘Energy Positive House’, which was then reworked to create opening track ‘Empty Surroundings’, effectively becoming a continuation, but shadowy inverse or negative, of the album’s sun-dappled positivity. Reminiscent of Tortoise at their most obtuse, or Dialogue-era Four Tet, Energy Negative House is simultaneously playful and malevolent – a party played out in a maze of warped mirrors.

Connected View’s music is available for licensing (film, tv, web, games and beyond). More info here.