Liminal Drifter “The Dreams” Reviewed at 4ZZZ

“Liminal Drifter is the alias of Perth-based musican Dr Simon Order. His soon to be latest release, ‘The Dreams’, is a lush soundscape of melodic and dream like elements that come together to form an intricate and truely beautiful piece of work. The album has an aquatic feel to it, heavily featuring washed out synth pads, the sounds of waves washing along the shore and a wide open soundscape that sounds as broad and expansive as the ocean itself; perhaps even an ode to Order’s home by the sea in Fremantle. The album is set to be released early June. For the time being, take a listen to Order’s newly released single from the album ‘Beach Fair’. It’s always good to hear such inspired and arranged music coming out of Australia. Keep your eye on this one.”

– 4ZZZ (Harry Bain)

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