“must admit to being a tad smitten with this. Incoming from hidden shoal, liminal drifter’s 2015 set ‘troubled mystic’ gets the rephrasing treatment courtesy of a select gathering of folk who arrive to adore this re-visualised set, now renamed ‘the night train vacancies’, to impart their own unique musical tongue upon Simon Order’s sublime sound palette. For now, sent ahead on scouting duty, Erik Nilsson relocates the dream drift demur of the title track ‘troubled mystic’ into more nocturnal climates. Utilising down tempo motifs rubbed in smoky noir murmurs, a chilled svelte beguile is ushered forth that draws both on the carnival vibrancy of the city lights and the lulling syncopating purr of the train carriage rhythm as it bobs and weaves huffing and puffing to a metronomic lilt. Add in the vapour kissed ethereal tones, the dancing folk pastorals, a hinting of lights lowered torch lounge sophistication not to mention that overall sense of being lost in the moment, and you have yourself something that finds itself seesawing of a beautified spectrum somewhere between ROC and Musetta.”

The Sunday Experience