Memorybell - "Broadcast Silence"Hidden Shoal is proud to announce the official release of Broadcast Silence, the 6th LP by American neoclassical ambient artist Memorybell. The album is available in digital and CD formats via Bandcamp and in digital format via Spotify, Apple Music and the other usual suspects. The music of Memorybell is available for licensing via Hidden Shoal Publishing. Contact us for more information.

‘Broadcast Silence’ is four long-form pieces of evocative ambient-drone that explore the process of overcoming trauma and dissociation and reconnecting to the world. The tracks unfurl and evolve slowly, playing with time and expectation. Despite its bittersweet title, a line of hopefulness runs through ‘Abandoned Dream’. There’s a distinctly cosmic flavor to ‘Pieced Together’, as attention shifts from one muted spectacle to the next. ‘Fell Silent’ is a graceful, reflective piece that gently pushes the central motif tumbling into a void. And ‘Untethered’ is a fittingly-titled closer, as a final vapor trail blooms into the aether.

“Essential to anyone searching for an aural retreat from an over-compressed world of packaged sound… Highly recommended for fans of solo piano and intersected genres, where Brian Eno meets Satie.” Headphone Commute on Obsolete