“Last week, when Perth-based artist Liminal Drifter shared his first single of 2020, Choir On Mars, we suspected that his then-unreleased album Connected was packing plenty more great material. Today, the album has officially been released, and our suspicions have been confirmed.

This boundless eight-track collection is brimming with imagination and inventiveness; it’s never easy to categorise, but always easy to get lost inside of. Journeying through this record feels like exploring a new and exciting world, completely unlike the one you’re familiar with — a truly hypnotic and transportive listening experience.

The album’s lead single, Choir On Mars, is also its opening track. With this immersive first single, Liminal Drifter invites you into his universe of sounds. He guides you through a series of shape-shifting soundscapes where intricate ambient arrangements expand and contract, each note highlighted by the absence of sound that surrounds it.

From here, songs like This Is From Earth and Braxton further build upon this otherworldly brand of music. The former is groove-laden and robotic, while the latter is woozy and formless. On We Funky, Liminal Drifter ventures back into more exotic rhythms, blending slinky beats with his own distinct kind of sparse electronica.

The album’s title track, Connected, plays out like a dream — it never really begins and never really ends; it floats in and out of consciousness, like an apparition, leaving a ghost-like feeling in its tracks.

By the time the album’s closer, Atlantean Shaman, reaches its final moments, you’ll have been roped in completely by Liminal Drifter’s expansive sound.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new album.”


Happy Mag