“The third album for Simon Order (aka Liminal Drifter), it’s easy to hear that the artist has had an extensive background in sonic sculpting and The Dreams is such a behemoth which follows 2015’s Troubled Mystic. “Beach Fair” is its own hypnotic electronic masterpiece, crisp percussive echoes venturing through fields of blissful guitars, melodic bubbles and lively instrumentation taking center stage. Perhaps better suited for the lounge, The Dreams drifts into distilled dub elements as evidenced on the effervescent “Phone Home” (and its eventual four-on-the-floor techno stream) and “Man is Part of Nature” that doesn’t let up on fluid bass. The title track an over-arching low-end infused beauty reminding one of 90s-era electronica from artists like The Orb, 808 State, and System 7—but with a relaxed vibration. Elsewhere you’ll find this album veering into downtempo corridors (ie. “Stranger Things”) to the closing vocal stream of consciousness that is “Time Lapse.” The Dreams is a beautifully choreographed snapshot of the artists’ knack for the surreal, fluid mechanics of mid-90s electronic music shaped with current-era finesse.”

Igloo Magazine