HC-B ‘Deux’ Reviewed at The Sunday Experience

“And talking of Hidden Shoal, the latest from Australia’s finest purveyors of the sublime and the dreamy comes from HC-B in the shape of their third full length entitled ‘rough’ which alas we haven’t had a chance to hear just yet though be certain of this there...

HC-B “Rough” Reviewed at Music Won’t Save You

Distant post-rock signals continue to occur periodically as a warm sirocco wind, able to remain dormant and then flare and wane again. They come from what for years has been (and still is) the most “rock city” of Italy, Catania, from which the HC-B quintet has returned to emit their signals in the form of the third real album in over a decade of activity.

HC-B “Rough” Reviewed at PopDose

“It takes a great record to remind me how awkward it can be — yes yes, like dancing to architecture — to write about really good instrumental rock music. For the moment, the band putting me in said position is HC-B, the record is the group’s latest Hidden Shoal...

HC-B “Rough” Reviewed at il Cibicida

So once again it is a very strong sense with HC-B for kinematic and longing for the sound/image connection, that gives by implication, the sublime. This time, however, everything sounds more “rough”, rougher, more heartbreaking is the black color that is musical and existential if not music: see the reverberations of irreducible Three, the explosions in Deux febrile or the thrilling epic of One. It then slides possible lead us to fierce icy seas which are to crash on the rocks bristling (just “rough”) in what is a dramatic conflict between nature and feelings. Spectacular and chilling at the same time.

HC-B “Rough” Reviewed at Tomatrax

“Sicilian quintet HC-B have brought out album number three, consisting of 5 very long experimental instrumentals going for a total of 40 minutes. The great thing about this album is, while it is completely instrumental, the different musical elements manage to...