“And talking of Hidden Shoal, the latest from Australia’s finest purveyors of the sublime and the dreamy comes from HC-B in the shape of their third full length entitled ‘rough’ which alas we haven’t had a chance to hear just yet though be certain of this there will be words fondly strewn at its feet later in the week. For now teaser single ‘Deux’ – incidentally available as a free download – ought to give you a fair idea as to what’s cooking. Best described as a slow to burn post rockian epic, ‘Deux’ is lushly crafted with a dead eye detail for poise and arrangement, both measured and majestic it perilously scales in ascending formations all the time growing in stature and assuming depth and density much like a brooding and bruised Grails at the height of their talismanic powers its akin to being at the heart or eye of a raging storm orchestrating nature’s fragmenting moods and from it harnessing a beautified though touchingly emotionally brutal quietly simmering turbulent rage. Quite something all said.”

The Sunday Experience