“Sicilian quintet HC-B have brought out album number three, consisting of 5 very long experimental instrumentals going for a total of 40 minutes.

The great thing about this album is, while it is completely instrumental, the different musical elements manage to say so much more than words alone ever could. Rather they move beyond the limitations of clunky sentences and create seamless and multi dimensional imagery that transports you somewhere so foreign and utterly amazing that words along would not do justice.

Much like Godspeed You Black Emperor the band are able to exert great moving emotion, almost like a release of endorphins. The music manages to sweep you up and carry you along weightlessly for the epic ride.

Uno has a kind of epic roller coaster ride feel to it. The music races around with phenomenal energy while traveling with all manner of twists and turns each creating a great surprise even after several listens. The mix of soft luscious sounds and heavy (almost) metal moments create a great contrast that both allow the differences to be emphasised and appreciated while also provide for an effective shock and awe!

Deus has a more bleak, gothic feel, reminiscent of the Cure’s early work. The deep sounds paint a vivid grey soundscape that is both gloomy and unnerving. Amongst the doom and gloom are some great bursts and angsts. The raw distorting guitars force out the feeling of aggravation and anger that sea-saws off the subdued melancholy.

Three has an “escape to the country” feel to it. Beginning with dense industrial sounds it gradually moves away towards airy, earthy sounds. The journey sees the open atmosphere build up and completely surround you.

Vier continues in the floating airy vein. The track starts off with a very laid back, relaxing vibe that allows you to lay back and drift off. However this proves to be a false sense of security as the music takes a sinister turn with a harsh and raw post punk sound working its way in.

Kvin has a thick and harsh industrial sound as it slashes its way through at great speed. The fast and intense sounds give off a feeling of running around with a sense of anxiety. At the same time there is a lofty overarching feel that gives the song a certain gliding feel.

This is an amazing album with each track taking you on an epic journey will of vivid imagery and encapsulating atmosphere!”