[Translated from the Italian via Google Translate]

“Six years is a long, a century of music. But the times are also required. The HC-B know this and, indeed, the story of six years if the lead already behind by two disks ago had been so in fact between “Sliding On Barents Sea” (2003) and the previous “Soundcheck For A Missing Movie” ( 2009). And now here Rough (again for the Australian Hidden Shoal), which is primarily a hard liberating for the band Catania, almost a karma, an exorcism.

Pull out five pieces of this type, dark, moody, it was painful, yes, absolutely, necessary and act of love for a certain kind of post-rock that is gone and missing, to tell the truth. Five-piece, we said, five snakes crawling and dangerous but free: an instrumental concept and loose what should be the perfect jamming for an ideal film.

So once again it is a very strong sense of HC-B for kinematic and longs for the sound image, that gives by implication, the sublime. This time, however, everything sounds more “rough”, rougher, more heartbreaking is the black color that is musical and existential if not music: see the reverberations of irreducible Three, the explosions in Deux febrile or the thrilling epic of One. It then slides possible lead us to fierce icy seas which are to crash on the rocks bristling (just “rough”) in what is a dramatic conflict between nature and feelings. Spectacular and chilling at the same time.

Over time, as you said, sometimes you need to make sense of all this. It certainly is for HC-B. Why certain photographs to hit hard, hit in the stomach, they need the right exposure time.”

il Cibicida