AWMA ‘Sterling Hayden and the Great Nobility’ Reviewed at Overblown

Sterling Hayden was an American actor who starred in such classics as Dr. Strangelove and The Long Goodbye. No idea what that has to do with this experimental rock/post-rock jam from trio AWMA. Regardless, the song is a trippy and hypnotic adventure that eschews convention to craft a sound that sits somewhere between the unpredictability of a jam band and the careful consideration of the best post-rock groups. This one has a mantra like quality that imbues the track with a religious vibe that is equally endearing and unnerving. The outfit features ex-members of the San Francisco-based slow-core outfit Half Film. Which is nice.

AWMA EP Reviewed at Peek-a-Boo

“From 1998 to 2001, the San Francisco-based band Half Film (Conor Devlin, Eimer Devlin, Jason Lakin) made records and toured. After the split, the Devlin brothers continued as [the] caseworker, while Jason was active as The Red Thread/Mists and Mast (2003-2013)....

AWMA s/t EP Reviewed at Music Won’t Save You

New name and new adventure for Conor Devlin and Eimer ( [The] caseworker ), assisted by Jason Lakis (The Red Thread) in a project marked by fading dreamy electric, developed first as a Half Film and now under the name AWMA, to debut with four tracks of an eponymous EP.

The spatial components and nuanced ye reveal already in the works of [The] caseworker come in the context of the new formation to maturation in the sense of a thickening of sound grain, resulting in substantial abandonment of lightness and jangly pop appetite broadly related to it, in favor of vortices guitar by the slow and heavy, which are equivalent in the dark timbre of interpretations.

Decidedly marked by a grim and psychedelic desert, the seventeen minutes Ep open up horizons so a reboot to sound spaces infinite, in a colorful synthesis of atmospheric rock.

AWMA s/t EP Reviewed at The Sunday Experience

“Something lovely from Hidden Shoal approaches this way, having already had us adoring of that recently released Chloe March salvo, we are yet to hear a prepped for loving set from Kramies. Though before we get to that there’s the small but consequential matter...