“Something lovely from Hidden Shoal approaches this way, having already had us adoring of that recently released Chloe March salvo, we are yet to hear a prepped for loving set from Kramies. Though before we get to that there’s the small but consequential matter of a debuting self titled EP outing from AWMA to be considered. Featuring members of the caseworker, the red thread and mist and mast, lead out track ‘broadcast history’ arrives to fanfares advertised with such descriptors as ‘atmospheric’, ‘intense’ and ‘prowling’ to which you can add brooding, majestic and alluring among the many, best described as being akin to the oncoming drift wind of some hitherto slow burn of quietly grand euphoria, amid the bliss kissed hazes and the dust sparse hinterlands the slow spun riff recoils and hushed spectral hymnals whisper to the fallen echoes of Sennen and Working for a Nuclear Free City as they ghost through the grooves with silently graceful intent all summoned and fashioned in the image of an at rest and thoughtfully magisterial sounding The Church.”

The Sunday Experience