“From 1998 to 2001, the San Francisco-based band Half Film (Conor Devlin, Eimer Devlin, Jason Lakin) made records and toured. After the split, the Devlin brothers continued as [the] caseworker, while Jason was active as The Red Thread/Mists and Mast (2003-2013). The former Half film members reunited in 2013 as AWMA (A Woman My Age) and the self-titled EP AWMA is the first recording of the trio. A short European tour is announced for early 2016 and a full album for later in the year. The EP contains 4 tracks.

At the State Palace leads you to the land of Pink Floyd, although the repetitive notes schedule is anything but typical for the Brits. No, it is the atmosphere that reminds us of the British band, because as soon as the vocals are added, the music of AWMA sounds quite different, more relaxed, with a beautiful harmony and bell-like percussion. The atmospheric guitars return in Broadcast History, but again, the vocals make the difference. And the same pattern is used in What the Artist Told Me: wonderful and varied guitar sounds and attractive harmonies. In For Games, the striking Gilmour sound is initially omitted and AWMA concentrates on the vocals. But even if the Pink Floyd sound penetrates the melody after a while, the beautiful harmonies still attract the attention, although the guitars remain essential to the atmosphere of the work of AWMA. Nice selection.”