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(For Now We See) Through A Glass Dimly
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Re-Issue of Erik Nilsson’s “Recollage” Out Now!

Hidden Shoal is proud to announce the reissue of Recollage, Erik Nilsson’s superb debut album and predecessor to his sublime 2015 album Hearing Things. There is a vibrant playfulness across Recollage’s nine tracks, with each song mapping out its own discrete world....

More airplay for Antonymes on BBC6

More airplay for Antonymes on BBC6 thanks once again to Mary Anne Hobbs. She rounded off her 6 Music Recommends show this week with “Delicate Power (A Waltz For Mary Anne)”, which is taken from the forthcoming Remix EP, Delicate Power (In The Hands Of...

Arc Lab Joins Hidden Shoal, New Album In July

We’re very excited to announce the addition of Arc Lab to the Hidden Shoal family. Arc Lab is of course Hidden Shoal artist Medard Fischer’s primary vehicle for musical experimentation – a blank-slate platform on which he has released a diverse catalogue of...

New Antonymes EP Trailer

We’re excited to announce the forthcoming Antonymes EP, Delicate Power (In the Hands of Others). The EP which sees the light of day on the 31st of May features remixes from Marconi Union, Markus Mehr, Lvmark and Antonymes himself. Check out the EP trailer at...

Kramies New Single ‘Into The Sparks’ Out Now!

It’s a special day when you get to share a new single from our very own dream pop troubadour Kramies. So you can’t hold back our excitement at being able to announce the release of Kramies’ stunning new single ‘Into The Sparks’. A duet with French...

“Still” – A Mixtape Curated by Memorybell

With an album due out next month that is an abject lesson in understanding the spaces between things, Grant Hazard Outerbridge (aka Memorybell) is well poised to present this beautiful mixtape, aptly entitled Still. Lets hand it over to the man himself to explain....

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Kramies “Into The Sparks” Reviewed at Emerging Indie Bands

The French chanson creator Alma Forrer and US based avant-garde musician Kramies release the dream-folk two track single Into The Sparks today. The single consists of an acoustic version and a full version of Into The Sparks (available on bandcamp). Whilst Kramies has often featured on the site this is the first time I have had the opportunity to hear Alma Forrer and listening to her compositions is time well spent (also available on bandcamp).

The calmly paced track circles around the room akin to an eagle gliding on thermals and the combinations of voices hold the listener entranced as the subtle electronic hum flows imperceptibly through the four and a quarter minutes of the full version, whilst acoustic guitar flecks dappled shapes to the composition.

Kramies “Into The Sparks” Reviewed at Soul Kitchen

There are encounters that make sparks. And when in addition there are two artists that we love at SK, it kindles the senses, a musical nirvana. Alma & Kramies Forrer – Alma in Paris, Kramies in Denver. One, the enlightened American dream, the other is an ardent Francophile. Together, they offer us a suspended moment of delicacy and sweetness, an air of musical embrace.

Erik Nilsson ‘Tail Lights’ Reviewed at Luna Kafe

If you’re up for The Books, Four Tet, Tortoise, The Sea and Cake, and Matmos, Erik Nilsson’s music could be your cup of tea. Nilsson’s subtle and efficient guitar playing and discreet electronic instrumentation, composing and performing mixing live instruments and field recordings is quite gorgeous.

Antonymes “(For Now We See) Through A Glass Dimly” Reviewed at Fluid Radio

Deeply rooted in the soul of North Wales, (For Now We See) Through A Glass Dimly echoes and reverberates in and around the nestled villages, working its way through the tiny, crooked streams and the gently stirring brooks of shallow water. Past the twisted knots of the branches, so like a tangling of auburn hair, the music gently progresses into the woods. Musically vibrant, muscularly strong and fit, the music has a fiery power in its stirring string sections, which dynamically rise and then forge ahead like a thousand soldiers consumed in battle, as fierce as the flames of a dragon as its forks streak across the setting sun, matching up with the orb’s blood-orange colour, emerging from a time out of mind.

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