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Eat Your Friends
by Hidden Shoal

Chansons de Parade
by Joe Sampson

What’s The Story With This Hole?
by Craig Hallsworth

Gila Man
by Todd Tobias

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Slow Dancing Society Debut Reissue – Vinyl Pre-orders & Single

We’re super excited to announce the reissue of ambient artist Slow Dancing Society’s acclaimed 2006 debut album, The Sound of Lights When Dim. This new remastered version is available in clear vinyl and digital formats, and is accompanied by a remix album...

Craig Hallsworth AMRAP Metro Australian Radio Chart Top 10!

Craig Hallsworth’s brilliant solo debut What’s The Story With This Hole? has landed in the top 10 of the AMRAP Metro Australian radio chart. The album has been getting plenty of spins across Australia’s fine independent stations and has been a featured...

Joe Sampson Featured in December Indie Feed Playlist

Joe Sampson‘s gorgeous track ‘Orchard’ has been featured in the December New Indie Folk playlist from the lovely Indie Feed. Check out the playlist on YouTube and hear Joe nestled among a bevy of other amazing artists!   Related Items:Joe...

Vote for Liminal Drifter in SBS Chill’s “Chillest 100″

SBS Chill’s Chillest 100 is here again folks! Let’s make sure that Liminal Drifter scores a spot in the top just as he did last year. Vote for Liminal Drifter’s ‘Troubled Mystic’ (feat. the stunning vocals of our very own Chloe March)...

Kramies Interview in The Big Takeover

Grab the latest paper edition of the always amazing The Big Takeover for the wonderful interview feature/interview with Kramies and also the fabulous review of Joe Sampson‘s Songs of Delay.   Related Items:Kramies Interview in The Big Takeover!Joe Sampson...

Apricot Rail and Craig Hallsworth in Tone Deaf Best Of List!

Apricot Rail’s ‘Scarecrow’ and Craig Hallsworth’s ‘We’re Too Far Away (My Other Future, My Other Youth)’ have been featured in Will Backler’s (RTRFM Music Director) “The 8 Best Aussie Songs You Haven’t Heard” list over...

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Slow Dancing Society “The Wagers of Love and Their Songs from the Witching Hour” Reviewed at Hypnagogue

There’s so much to listen to on The Wagers of Love…, and all of it’s good. Is 19 tracks a little exorbitant? Maybe, and some listeners may not prefer to take in so much of Sullivan’s signature style all at once–there is the risk of sameness. Personally, I can never get enough of this sound, and I think there’s enough variation and playing with the core idea to keep it from getting stale. Deep down, I think what you’re hearing is the sound of a talented musician really, really enjoying himself. I believe you’ll enjoy it, too. A lot.

Slow Dancing Society ‘Radiance’ Reviewed at The Sunday Experience

A passing posting notifying us that Slow Dancing Society’s ‘the sound of lights when dim’ is shortly due for re-release with this 2006 gem being treated not only to a full remastering treatment but additionally arriving accompanied and extended by the inclusion of some very tasty remixes, one of which by Antonymes having, as it happens, hooked itself upon our lobes. This defrosting beauty peels away all daintily frost weaved and adored in a fragile statuesque tracing both tender and alluring whilst somewhat steeled and stilled in an ethereal toning that’s incubated in a wide eyed longing.

Todd Tobias “Gila Man” Reviewed at Festival Info

The conclusion is therefore that on this album shines diversity. Tobias throws so many elements in the mix, it’s impossible to get bored. Throws it a good dose of fantasy in, then this album is at its best.

Joe Sampson “Chanson de Parade” Reviewed at Half-Life Music

Joe Sampson is a label mate of Kramies on Hidden Shoal. He’s a singer-songwriter in the spirit of Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen. In September he released a 5-song EP, Songs of Delay. It featured a track with Nathaniel Rateliff of the Night Sweats fame. Now, there’s a full album. Entitled Chansons de Parade, it hallmarks Sampson’s fragile-sounding style. But it’s not bedsits and microwaves. There’s a playfulness to the lyrics and a lovely chiming quality to the guitar sound that lifts the songs.

Songs of Delay is available as a free download from Sampson’s Bandcamp site. Chansons de Parade is also there and for a name-your-own-price deal. As a taster, here’s Joe Sampson and Nathaniel Rateliff singing ‘Songbird’ from the Songs of Delay EP.

“Eat Your Friends” Compilation Reviewed at DOA

“Over almost a decade, Hidden Shoal records developed a reputation as a consistently innovative and experimental music label, giving to us music of remarkable qualities whether it was the instrumental excursions of Gilded, the blissed-out indie of My Majestic...

Antonymes “(For Now We See) Through A Glass Dimly” Reviewed at Il Cartello

Antonymes makes its big return with what is probably his best work. Intimate and introspective work.

Antonymes (Ian M Hazeldine) returns and does so with a monumental album. Three years from There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay with which the composer questioned on the subject of beauty, a few days ago he released his fourth album (For Now We See) Through A Glass Dimly.

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