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The Dusk Recital
by Slow Dancing Society

by Makee

Nights Bright Days

by Chloë March

Impossible Cities
by Todd Tobias

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Free YouTube Music Licensing

Hidden Shoal is very excited to announce a new online licensing initiative. Tracks from the Hidden Shoal Publishing catalogue are now available for free use within personal (non-commercial) YouTube videos. We openly encourage you to utilise our wonderful catalogue in...

Featured Track – Salli Lunn ‘The First Cause’

The stunning finale of debut album Heresy & Rite, ‘The First Cause’ is Danish noise-rock quartet Salli Lunn at their pulse-racing best. From the plaintive guitar arpeggios that open the track to the pummeling Swans-eque churn of the song’s...

Hidden Shoal is Luna Kafe’s 2nd Favourite Label of 2014!

Hidden Shoal has just been honoured at the wonderful Norwegian zine Luna Kafé. The label has scooped the number 2 spot on Luna Kafé’s list of top 10 indie labels of 2014! Thanks to Håvard Oppøyen and the lovely Luna Kafé team for their ongoing support of great...

Three Questions With Christian Grothe

Under his Kryshe moniker, Germany’s Christian Grothe has produced some of the most beguiling and mesmerising experimental ambient music released in the last few years. His improvisational approach and incredibly delicate and atmospheric use of guitar, piano and...

“Down Low” Mixtape by Hidden Shoal

Following on from Markus Mehr’s brilliant Kitsch Before Glitch mix, the second installment in our new MixTape series comes from Hidden Shoal manager Cam Merton. Down Low beautifully showcases the breadth of down-tempo guitar-based music in Hidden Shoal’s...

Debut Umpire and Mukaizake Releases Join the Hidden Shoal Catalogue

We’re very excited to announce that the stunning debut releases by Perth bands Mukaizake and Umpire – originally released in 2003 and 2009 respectively – have now joined our publishing and licensing catalogue. Umpire’s self-titled EP and Mukaizake’s...

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DrAlienSmith “Under Songs” Reviewed at Santa Sangre

“Alan “DrAlien” Smith has worked for over fifteen years behind the mixing and mastering desks of his Bergerk! Studio in Perth, Australia, cooperating with many bands in the field of post rock, doom, sludge and shoegaze. This time he performs everything in first...

Elisa Luu “Enchanting Gaze” Reviewed At Luna Kafe

“Last moonth we checked out Elisa Luu’s single, “Shebeen”, and here’s the rest of the album. A mini-album, that is, as the 6 tracks clocks in at (less than) 35 minutes. Which is a perfect length, I believe. The music of Luu floats on so...

Brother Earth “Positive Haywires” Reviewed at Luna Kafe

Brother Earth is the collaboration of singer Steve Five (of a band called The Library is on Fire) and multi-instrumentalist Todd Tobias (of Circus Devils). Their label, Hidden Shoal call their musical project to sound like: ‘Their shadowy, kaleidoscopic music vacillates between brooding textural pieces and exuberant rock-and-roll at the drop of a hat, chasing the ghosts of pop music past into a hall of cracked mirrors.’ Yes, right! Ghosts, that is all true. Brother Earth play ghost-ridden pop, or freaked out drone pop, with hints of psychedelic folk. Dare to be suprised, to be spoked, and thrilled.

Makee “Makee” EP Reviewed at Luna Kafe

In some strange way Makee’s music make me think of a more shy, dance-beat version of, say…Joy Division and The National. Add some Caribou, as well as much/many more.

Todd Tobias “Impossible Cities” Reviewed at Mpodia

“The hypnotic and sometimes dark sounds of this album will take you from city to city. Each imaginary city has its own atmosphere and sky line. This is the approach of the album Todd Tobias.
Tobias played with his brother Tim at Clouds Forming Crowns and psychedelic rock act Circus Devils. When he beginning of this millennium took place behind the buttons, this was where he felt comfortable with. He produced ao Guided By Voices, but it could not prevent him to continue to experiment with music.”

Makee “Makee” EP Reviewed at Music Won’t Save You

“In that broad limbo between reminiscences wave and soundscapes driven by the rhythm ranks the Australian Daniel Cavalli, to debut under the alias Makee with a self-titled EP released by compatriot Hidden Shoal.”