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Les Limbes

by Les Limbes

Axis Swim Scar
by The October Solution

To Set The River on Fire

by Chloë March vs. Markus Mehr

Enchanting Gaze
by Elisa Luu

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Epic New Track from Italy’s HC-B, Album Coming!

Six years on from their their brilliant 2009 release Soundcheck for a Missing Movie, Italys serpentine instrumental rock outfit HC-B have once again delivered the goods.  ‘Deux’ is their new single taken from their forthcoming third album Rough. The track is a...

Sneak Peeks of New Video from The October Solution!

We’re excited to share some production stills from the forthcoming music video for The October Solution track ‘Lost’. The video is being produced by the wonderful Studio Sunkie team who also made the brilliant clip for City of Satellites’...

Hotels’ Full Discography Joins The Hidden Shoal Catalogue

We’re very excited to announce that the full Hotels‘ discography has now joined the Hidden Shoal Publishing catalogue. From the band’s utterly brilliant debut Thank You For Choosing through to their most recent series of Cinemascope EPs, Hotels...

Todd Tobias ‘Malayakolam (Rising Sun)’

We have another delicious cut from the forthcoming Todd Tobias album Tristes Tropiques for you. Opening track ‘Malayakoam (Rising Sun)‘, along with accompanying video, is a brooding, writhing, atmospheric “otherworld” and expertly sets the tone...

Kramies Live at the Père Lachaise Cemetery

Check out this wonderful feature in the French zine PopNews and see Kramies give us a gorgeous live rendition of ‘The Wooden Heart’ at the same French cemetery that Jim Morrison and so many dead poets and musicians now call home! Related Items:Glowing...

“The Sparkling Ground” MixTape by Chloe March

We have another delicious artist curated mixtape to quench your thirsty ears. The Sparkling Ground comes to us courtesy of the supremely talented UK songstress Chloe March as she takes us from the Cocteau Twins to Flying Lotus to Grasscut to Kate Bush and beyond....

Featured Videos

REW – ‘The Lights In the Sands of Katumpkale’

The first taste of the new album by REW, ‘The Lights in the Sands of Katumpkale’ is an evocative instrumental miniature – a window into Ryan E. Webber’s kaleidoscopic musical universe. Insistently plucked and bowed strings weave and coalesce around Weber’s effected vocals, creating a kind of surreal neo-classical pop. The accompanying music video, shot on Super 8 and transferred to VHS tape, deepens the song’s mystifying and avant-garde allure as the camera cuts between the body parts of an eerie, white-faced figure moving in black space.

Latest Reviews

The Star Department ‘This Ship Won’t Sail’ Reviewed at MFMOA

Dublin, Ireland band The Star Department trade in lush, atmospheric indie rock, making them a perfect fit for their label Hidden Shoal Recordings. Their new single ‘This Ship Won’t Sail’ flows along with mellow vibes guided by a current of organs down below and a glitchy drum beat. The vocals float on this stream like new fallen leaves.

The Star Department ‘This Ship Won’t Sail’ Reviewed at The Sunday Experience

Admittedly a little crooked and of kilter at times its stuttering and bobbing lolloping motifs adding to the shanty shimmer toned attraction as it emerges sleepy headed from out the haze of a psychedelic prism possessed of a curious out of step artistry that much recalls the criminally undervalued the Crimea while the wheezing antique organ fugues instil a weaving and blissful atmospheric calm that hints of a seesawing sonic axis where sits landshipping at one end and j xaverre t’other.

Les Limbes Reviewed at 4ZZZ

All the arty guff on this EP, the soft heart of prog is melted down and reforged into a lead ball which gets fired at your chest. It’s the kind of attack that makes you stronger, revives a lagging passion for types of music that have been worn down by workmanlike treatment. Quite the opposite of their name, which means, simply, Limbo, Les Limbes are thrilling.

Les Limbes Self-Titled EP Reviewed at Tomatrax

Les Limbes have charged out with this their debut EP. Consisting of four instrumental tracks the Bordeaux 5 piece have infused heavy rock and shoegazer sounds achieving massive energy and a deep atmosphere.

Hypersonic is a curious mix of Tool and Radiohead with heavy rock vibes charging along like a bullet train backed with a layered depth of shoegazer and psychedelic experimentation.The result is a track that sounds like what a roller coaster ride on the moon!