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My Blue Heaven
by Slow Dancing Society

Clock of the Long Now
by Target Archery

Sterling Hayden and the Great Nobility

by Battlestations

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New Chloe March Single and Forthcoming Album!

Hidden Shoal and Powderkeg Records are proud to announce the forthcoming release of Blood-Red Spark, the new album by English dream-pop artist Chloë March. The gorgeous first single from the album, ‘Let It All In’, is available now to stream and download....

Interview With Kramies at Half-Life Music

Check out this wonderful interview with Kramies over at the excellent Irish zine Half-Life Music. Kramies talks about his time in Ireland (where he wrote his new single), working with Jason Lytle & Grant Wilson and his songwriting process amongst much more.  ...

New Target Archery Music Video – ‘Scarecrow’

Following on from the release of the gorgeous new album, Clock of the Long Now, by Perth-based instrumental pop outfit Target Archery, we’re excited to share the beautiful new music video for album track ‘Scarecrow’. The music video was produced and directed by Chad...

Kramies Westy Session Feature (Live in a Van!)

Check out this awesome live rendition of Kramies’ ‘Wooden Heart’ as part of the brilliant Westy Session series. For those not acquainted, GoWesty‘s Westy Sessions capture a range of talented musicians performing acoustically in a VW camper,...

New Willem Gator Single From Forthcoming Album!

‘Closer’ is the first taste of the sublime Locked-In Syndrome, the fifth album by Italian electronic producer Willem Gator (also of Italian post rock behemoth HC-B). Check out the awesome music video by Riccardo Napoli from Sunthetic (and HC-B) and stream the track...

Stunning New Kramies Single and Music Video

In the spring of 2017, dream-folklore artist Kramies, travelled to Shankill Castle, Ireland where he started writing new songs for an upcoming album, immersed in the beautiful landscapes of his surroundings. While writing, he created a selection of B-side songs...

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Willem Gator ‘Closer’ Reviewed at Escafandrista

Closer is the first sample of the Sublime Locked-In Syndrome , the fifth album by Italian electronic producer Willem Gator .The artist creates a combination of downtempo beats, bass lines and a multitude of oriental and orchestral instruments. It focuses on each song gradually increasing in emotional intensity, helping to incorporate both rock and electronic aspects. The result is an experience that is eminently danceable but deeply melancholic. It transmits hedonism and detachment. Electronic anthems scale the musical skies while probing the emotional lows.

Kramies ‘I Wished I Missed You’ Reviewed at With Just A Hint Of Mayhem

Dutch-American singer songwriter Kramies, who hails from Ohio in the USA, has spent some time living in Ireland, in a castle no less. He has used these historic and serene surroundings to record new songs. The first of these that I have heard is the haunting, other worldly, ethereal “I Wish I Missed You”. I could go so far as to describe it as a lament, but it also strikes me as a man trying to find feelings that he thinks he ought to have about a past lover. Either way Kramies pours so much heart, soul and emotion into this tune that it haunts your brain in a good ghost kind of way. Check out the beautiful video to accompany the song below.

Kramies ‘I Wished I Missed You’ Reviewed at Soul Kitchen

Marcel Proust wrote in Les plaisirs et les jours : “Is not absence, for those who love, the most certain, the most effective, the most vivacious, the most indestructible, the most faithful of presences? ”
I Wish I Missed You is an ode to this absence and presence that does not fade when we loved, when we love. A forest of recollections, fleeting, between sweetness and violence.

Kramies ‘I Wished I Missed You’ Reviewed at Impose Magazine

Kramies provided a look at the Cam Merton video for “I Wish I Missed You” where the audience is taken to the majesty of Shankill Castle, Ireland where sentiments of longing & earnest expression are coupled like clasped hands held in an ineffable bond of congress.

Kramies ‘I Wished I Missed You’ Featured at Indie Eye

“I wish i Missed You” is an evocative noisy ballad reminiscent of certain cadences of dream pop, but also the writing of Mark Eitzel ecstatic. To make things more impressive, the stamp and writing Kramies, very close to the folk lullabies of the first Al Stewart. To accompany the song a video directed by film makers and label manager Cam Merton Australia’s Hidden Shoal , the label for which Kramies impact. The video is a dreamlike reverie in the form of a past love.

Hidden Shoal is an Australia-based independent music label & licensing agency releasing and licensing music for film, tv, games and web.