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Nights Bright Days

by Chloë March

Impossible Cities
by Todd Tobias

Binary Rooms
by Markus Mehr

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Puppets, Drugs & Guns – A New Music Video from Brother Earth

We’re excited to present the third single taken from Brother Earth‘s latest album Positive Haywires. In contrast to some of the darker moments on Positive Haywires , ‘Sunny Side of the Street’ sees Brother Earth in decidedly upbeat mode. The...

“Kitsch Before Glitch” Mixtape by Markus Mehr

In this, the very first installment of our MixTape series we have the inimitable German experimentalist Markus Mehr serve us up a glowing slab of 60’s and 70’s pop entitled Kitsch Before Glitch. Even better, Markus has a second installment coming which...

The World On Tape – An Interview with Markus Mehr

Hidden Shoal’s Matthew Tomich spoke with Markus Mehr about his new album Binary Rooms, phonography and the art of sound. Under his solo moniker, Markus Mehr has made a career out of patterns. Before the release of his fifth record Binary Rooms last month, his...

Kryshe’s Debut EP Joins the Hidden Shoal Publishing Catalogue

Before his new mini-album In Between, and his previous album Growing, Christian Grothe, aka Kryshe, released his debut EP Dreamland in 2012. We’re excited to now have the two beautiful pieces that comprise Dreamland join our publishing and licensing...

Makee’s Debut Self-Titled EP Out Now

We’re excited to announce the official release of the brilliant debut self-titled EP by Perth-based artist Makee. You can grab the EP on CD and in digital formats here and read more about the artist here. Makee’s bright-eyed, beat-driven tracks, as danceable as...

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Kramies “The Wooden Heart” Reviewed at Schallgrenzen

“Recently emerged from a mail Kramies on in the promo box. The Wooden Heart. I stand up and clap applause. The beginning and the end, between four whimsical songs. Melodic folk and atmospheric dream pop. Kramies, behind it hides the Dutch-American singer-songwriter Kramies Windt from Denver, Colorado. Sounds that make us meditate. I stare off into space. Far away. It’s nice to dive for a few minutes in dreamy folk-pop and a touch of psychedelic. The Jason Lytle (Grandaddy) produced EP “The Wooden Heart” was released on the Australian label Hidden Shoal a year ago. Here and now, the music is still beautiful and timeless.”

Kryshe “In Between” Reviewed at Stationary Travels

“In Between is the latest release from Germany based ambient composer and sound artist Kryshe via Hidden Shoal. The EP was actually available in September, but was a new discovery to me this week. It is a lovely five track journey featuring crystalline piano...

Makee “Makee” Reviewed at BluesBunny

“I like a bit of mystery. It adds something to the process of musical discovery. Why, for example, are all the songs on Makee’s self-titled EP four letters long? For that matter, is Australia really upside down? Pondering that kind of thing will make all the...

Makee “Makee” Reviewed at Life is Noise

“Makee is the name given to the hazy beat creations of Dan Cavalli – who in the past was seen drumming in some bygone electronic acts out of Perth like The Transients and Druid Lee Roth. But this is an entirely new transformation. For the past 10 years or so,...

Elisa Luu ‘Shebeen’ Reviewed at Recent Music Heroes

“Shebeen is the first single from Rome residing Elisabetta Luciani`s brand new album Enchanting Gaze. The single consists of manipulated sonic effects, catchy repeated folk chords, exuberant electronic hovers and ambient loaded panoramas. Undoubtedly she is an...

Chloë March “Nights Bright Days” Reviewed at Strange Alphabets

‘Chloe March’s third album loosely fits in this category (the concept album). But you won’t find an overarching narrative theme. Instead, you’ll find a suite of songs that use image-patterns of night, winter, light, dark with a sub-theme of Orpheus and Eurydice...