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White Guilt, White Heat
by Crisis Actors

Long Range Transmissions
by Various Artists

forêts antiques
by Kramies

In The Palm Of Your Hand – The Remix EP
by Markus Mehr

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Liminal Drifter In Top 10 For SBS Chill’s “Chillest 100″!

How’s this for exciting news – Liminal Drifter‘s ‘Soothed by Summer‘ just scooped the number 10 spot on SBS Chills’ “Chillest 100″! The track is lifted from his debut album Troubled Mystic. Liminal is hanging out with...

Kramies Interview in Soul Kitchen

Kramies continues to receives waves of love from French fans and press following the release of his live EP of late last year, forêts antiques. This time our dreampop troubadour  has been interviewed in the excellent French zine Soul Kitchen and talks about cool...

Crisis Actors Featured in Vice Magazine!

Following on from their first live show at The Gateway in Brooklyn, Crisis Actors have just been featured and interviewed in Vice Magazine. Those who have heard their wonderful new debut EP, White Guilt, White Heat, should have an idea of what their in for but if...

Les Limbes, Markus Mehr and Chloe March in Igloo’s Best of 2015

Two Hidden Shoal releases have found their way into Igloo Magazine’s Best of 2015 list. Les Limbes self-titled debut EP and the Markus Mehr vs Chloe March EP To Set The River on Fire rest amongst wonderful company and a fabulous write up from one of our...

Antonymes Christmas EP, “At This Time Of Year”

Santa has come early people. Check out the stunning 2015 Christmas EP from Antonymes, At This Time Of Year. The EP is available via BandCamp and you can check out the video for the EP track ‘Sleep’ below or via YouTube. Related Items:Antonymes Featured on...

Kramies Interview at Totoromoon

We’re ridiculously late in sharing this so please forgive, move on and read this wonderful interview with our very own Kramies over at the wonderful Totoromoon blog. Kramies talks about his recent French concert at the Grand Theatre in Angers, his work with...

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Todd Tobias “Tristes Tropiques” Reviewed at SpaceRockMountain

Todd Tobias isn’t new to SRM, I have very fond memories of listening to his Calvino-inspired album, Impossible Cities. Therefore, I entered listening to this album with some rather high expectations, which I am glad to report were not dashed in the slightest. The long, winding songs are all sublimely amorphous soundscapes. It is astounding how much weight is packed into every one of them despite their relatively sparse composition. It causes a transformative affect to occur in the diligent listener, altering mundane happenings into something absolutely poetic. For my second listen I sat on my balcony on a cloudy morning, watching birds peck around for food. With the help of Tobias’s music, it was pretty damn epic.

Medard Fischer “Four Songs for the City of New York” Reviewed at Hypnagogue

Whichever point in day you choose to listen to Medard Fischer’s Four Songs for the City of New York will simply be the most beautiful 18 minutes of your day. Moving neo-classical tinted with the soft light of ambient, these are graceful and gorgeous comments that, though brief, come through with strong, human resonance.

Markus Mehr “Live In Bari” Reviewed at EtherReal

We discover Markus Mehr with this live album, a live transcription of the Off album which concluded the trilogy In / On / Off published between January 2012 and January 2013 through Hidden Shoal Recordings. The concert was recorded in November 2012 as part of the festival Time Zones Bari (Italy) that will have its 30th anniversary this year.

“Long Range Transmissions” Reviewed at Tome To The Weather Machine

“I am an unabashed Hidden Shoal fan. The Australian label has been pumping out releases of lush, cinematic aspirations of ambient and neo-classical artists for a better part of it’s existence that, at times, is overcome by its eclectic output ranging from...

Kramies “forêts antiques” Reviewed at Luna Kafe

Dutch-American Kramies Windt has presented his romantic, big-and-open-hearted pop songs through a line of fine EPs: The European (2011); The Wooden Heart (2013, promoted by its title track The Wooden Heart); and the splendid The Folklore Sessions (2014). This spring, Kramies launched a brand new single, The Fate That Never Favored Us (produced by Jason Lytle) before he went on tour in France and recorded this live EP called Forêts Antiques.

Markus Mehr “In the Palm of Your Hand” Reviewed at Luna Kafe

The musical world of Markus Mehr is really a place to go explore. I’ve been amazed and chilled by Mehr’s music on several occasions, with albums such as On (2012), Off (2013), and Binary Rooms (2014). This time around some other artists explore Mehr’s music, or song, as they have remixed his track “In The Palm of your Hand” (from his last album, last year’s Binary Rooms).

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