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Long Range Transmissions
by Various Artists

forêts antiques
by Kramies

In The Palm Of Your Hand – The Remix EP
by Markus Mehr

Four Songs for the City of New York
by Medard Fischer

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Antonymes and Gilded on the New Cafe del Mar Album!

Hot on the heels of Markus Mehr‘s inclusion in Cafe del Mar‘s Sunscapes, we’re excited to announce another two Hidden Shoal artists will feature in the new Cafe del Mar compilation Piano Works. The new album  features the Gilded track...

“Long Range Transmissions” – Free Hidden Shoal Compilation

We’re excited to announce the release of Long Range Transmissions, the first in a new series of themed, freely downloadable compilations. Long Range Transmissions showcases the ambient and neo-classical side of the Hidden Shoal catalogue, bringing together beautiful...

Erik Nilsson Track in “The Trail Beyond” Doco Trailer

Check out the new trailer for the wonderful in-production documentary The Trail Beyond, featuring the Erik Nilsson track ‘On and Onward’. The film, which will see release in 2016, documents the innovative Trail Beyond program which is aimed at inspiring...

“Music is Color for Life” A Battlestations Mixtape

Taking some time out after the release of their sublime new album The Extent of Damage, Battlestations sat down and crafted a delicious mixtape for our collective delectation. Not as dark as one might expect but every bit melodic, the mix moves from the likes of Craig...

Todd Tobias Interview at Tape Op

Check out this wonderful interview with the venerable Todd Tobias over at Tape Op. Todd talks about his role as Guided by Voices and Robert Pollard producer, his process as a producer and engineer and also his expansive solo work and collaborations as part of Brother...

Kramies New Free Live EP Out Now

On a spring evening in 2015, the setting sun cast deep shadows over The Grand Théâtre in Angers, France, where Kramies was due to play to a sold-out crowd. As the 700 ticket-holders took to their seats and the theatre dimmed to a single amber light, Kramies walked on...

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Kramies “forêts antiques” Reviewed at The Sunday Experience

“Much adored around these here parts, recent visitations to these pages courtesy of some well heeled outings via the eclectic hidden shoal imprint have found releases bearing the name Kramies endowing our listening space with a rarefied exquisite glow that quite...

AWMA EP Reviewed at Peek-a-Boo

“From 1998 to 2001, the San Francisco-based band Half Film (Conor Devlin, Eimer Devlin, Jason Lakin) made records and toured. After the split, the Devlin brothers continued as [the] caseworker, while Jason was active as The Red Thread/Mists and Mast (2003-2013)....

AWMA s/t EP Reviewed at Music Won’t Save You

New name and new adventure for Conor Devlin and Eimer ( [The] caseworker ), assisted by Jason Lakis (The Red Thread) in a project marked by fading dreamy electric, developed first as a Half Film and now under the name AWMA, to debut with four tracks of an eponymous EP.

The spatial components and nuanced ye reveal already in the works of [The] caseworker come in the context of the new formation to maturation in the sense of a thickening of sound grain, resulting in substantial abandonment of lightness and jangly pop appetite broadly related to it, in favor of vortices guitar by the slow and heavy, which are equivalent in the dark timbre of interpretations.

Decidedly marked by a grim and psychedelic desert, the seventeen minutes Ep open up horizons so a reboot to sound spaces infinite, in a colorful synthesis of atmospheric rock.

Chloe March “Nights Bright Days” Reviewed at Leonard’s Lair

“Chloë March’s musical past covers a stint in the sophisticated melodrama of Cousteau as well as a background in drama and playwriting. Such skills and experiences have been put to excellent use on new album ‘Nights Bright Day’ where the attention to production...

Erik Nilsson “Hearing Things” Reviewed at EtherReal

[Translated from the original French via Google Translate] “Structure why we always scrutinized with interest publications, Hidden Shoal Recordings is attentive to his local scene (Australian, so) as foreign, able productions in particular identify on netlabels...
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