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Antonymes Featured On Official Spotify Playlist

The stunning Antonymes track ‘Elegy (IV)’ has been included in the new official Spotify playlist Music For Concentration. The track sits among a set of beautiful music from the likes of Nils Frahm, Dustin O’Halloran, Jon Hopkins, Max Richter, Harold...

Featured Track – Erik Nilsson ‘Ex Nihilo’

On ‘Ex Nihilo’, the quicksilver opener to his superb 2015 album Hearing Things, Erik Nilsson‘s impressionistic deployment of the guitar is very much in the tradition of Talk Talk’s Mark Hollis: minimal notes, maximum impact. The track...

New Arc Lab Single, Album Pre-Orders & Video Teaser

We’re very excited to announce the release of ‘Through The Burning Glass‘, the first single lifted from the forthcoming Arc Lab album Anthem. On ‘Through the Burning Glass’, Medard Fischer draws inspiration from the majesty of Geogaddi-era Boards of...

Kramies & Alma Forrer ‘Into The Sparks’ (Acoustic) Video

We have a lovely little Tuesday delight for you in the form of a music video for the acoustic version of Kramies new single ‘Into The Sparks’ (feat. French chanteuse Alma Forrer). The track is a gorgeous anti-gravity ballad with Kramies and Alma’s voices...

Memorybell “Obsolete” Released

Hidden Shoal is proud to announce the release of Obsolete, the debut album by piano minimalist Memorybell, the ambient project of Grant Hazard Outerbridge. In February 2014, Outerbridge awoke in a hospital with no memory of how he had arrived. He was diagnosed with...

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Erik Nilsson “Recollage” Reviewed at Luna Kafe

When Hidden Shoal launched Erik Nilsson’s “Tail Lights” as a teaser from his album Recollage, I was triggered by its teasing beauty. Like I was taken last year when checking out his amazing second album, Hearing Things. This is all about hearing and finding things. Musical gemstones. Diamonds in the rough.

Kramies ‘Into The Sparks’ Reviewed at Half Life Music

A new release by Kramies is always something to be cherished. But, this time, our favourite self-styled dream-pop artiste has maybe met his match. After his recent dalliance in Angers and the subsequent release of the sublime forêts antiques EP, now he’s partnered with Alma Forrer, a young French singer-songwriter influenced by Barbara, Jacques Brel, and Michel Polnareff among others. It’s hard to imagine anyone more baba cool than Kramies, but Alma Forrer might just have managed it. There are two versions of ‘Into The Sparks’ to download. So, don’t write off the acoustic version, which is simply sublime.

Memorybell “Obsolete” Reviewed at Anthem

It’s spacious, with songs often composed of just a few hallowed notes, but what Outerbridge creates from the silence between is astonishing. Deeply affecting and instantly captivating, the album captures Outerbridge’s world in vivid sound and tantalising composition. 8/10

Antonymes “Delicate Power (In The Hands Of Others) Reviewed at The Sunday Experience

elegant and elegiac are descriptions so freely handed out these days that they somewhat lose a little in their meaning. Yet conversely, applied to Antonymes, they somewhat falter and fall short in truly unmasking or rather more, getting to the nub, of the eloquence and sensitivity of expression at play within his compositional craft. Tendered in a delicacy of touch and a sparseness of detail, the result of such a communion is far from slight and light, but fulsome and lush, ‘delicate power’ lifted from his recently released set for hidden shoal entitled ‘(for now we see) through a glass dimly’ is title alone very revealing of this. For here it’s were the coalescing calm of a pausing moment of isolation breathes a reflective sigh to mourn, romance and contemplate in solitude all the time its tenderness and poise tempered in symphonic gestures that backwardly glance to a timeless toning of tongue. As said the track heads up a new EP titled ‘delicate power (in the hands of others)’ that features reworked interpretations by Markus Mehr, Lymark and Marconi Union.

Memorybell ‘Somnolent’ Reviewed at Luna Kafe

“Memorybell is the ambient project of piano minimalist Grant Hazard Outerbridge of Denver, Colorado. “Somnolent” is a streamed taster off his debut album, Obsolete which will appear in early June (due out on the 2nd June). So, what’s the deal...

Erik Nilsson “Recollage” Reviewed at Anthem

For those who are unaccustomed to the work of Erik Nilsson, the recent reissue of his debut album ‘Recollage’ will certainly coming as something of an unexpected treat. It’s an album that often seems to have been unfairly eclipsed by the progressive sounds of successor, 2015’s ‘Hearing Things’, but in this new re-release by Hidden Shoal, ‘Recollage’ is brought back into the spotlight, letting it shine once again as a unique and unhindered triumph.

An album filled with a joyous and vibrant sense of playfulness, the re-issue of ‘Recollage’ brings together nine tracks (eight re-mastered and one original version) of skillfully blended electronics, live instruments, and field recordings, all of which are tussled, tossed and twisted through a series of digital manipulations. The end result is an expanding horizon of dizzying, technically precise instrumentals that are emotionally charged and brilliantly balanced.

Fragmented by sporadic, glitch bursts of open space, ‘Recollage’ was always a thoroughly unique spectacle, but with the re-issue has come a burst of extra instrumentation and a full re-mastering, and it’s taken the album from mesmerising to break-taking. The added flourishes and clarity has made ‘Recollage’ brighter, more vibrant, and more exciting than ever, offering a greater depth and a completely captivating experience.

The reissue of ‘Recollage’ has brought renewed life and colour to the old classic, and it’s amazing to revisit such a precious debut. 9/10

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