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Blood-Red Spark
by Chloe March

Locked-In Syndrome
by Willem Gator

My Blue Heaven
by Slow Dancing Society

Clock of the Long Now
by Target Archery

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Chloe March “Blood-Red Spark” Out Now!

We’re excited to anounce the release of the utterly sumptuous Blood-Red Spark, the new album by English dream-pop artist Chloë March. The album is available on CD and in digital formats via Bandcamp and also through all good 3rd party online stores. Be sure to...

Willem Gator’s “Locked-In Syndrome” Out Now!

We’re very excited to present Locked-In Syndrome, the fifth album by Italian electronic producer Willem Gator (also of Italian post rock behemoth HC-B). The album is available now via Bandcamp and all good 3rd party stores including iTunes and Spotify. Also...

Kramies Featured on Crackerfarm (Mike Beyers)

While in on a recent trip to Nashville, Kramies met up with the wonderful photographer Mike Beyers (The Avett Brothers, Depeche Mode, The National, Joanna Newsom etc.) and filmed a live video for his excellent site Crackerfarm. Even more exciting, ‘Kite...

New Chloe March Single and Forthcoming Album!

Hidden Shoal and Powderkeg Records are proud to announce the forthcoming release of Blood-Red Spark, the new album by English dream-pop artist Chloë March. The gorgeous first single from the album, ‘Let It All In’, is available now to stream and download....

Interview With Kramies at Half-Life Music

Check out this wonderful interview with Kramies over at the excellent Irish zine Half-Life Music. Kramies talks about his time in Ireland (where he wrote his new single), working with Jason Lytle & Grant Wilson and his songwriting process amongst much more.  ...

New Target Archery Music Video – ‘Scarecrow’

Following on from the release of the gorgeous new album, Clock of the Long Now, by Perth-based instrumental pop outfit Target Archery, we’re excited to share the beautiful new music video for album track ‘Scarecrow’. The music video was produced and directed by Chad...

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Willem Gator “Locked-In Syndrome” Reviewed at Wicked Style

From the Italian producer Willem Gator comes an eclectic album of epic melancholic electronica, poised between post rock and clubbing sonority, full of dreamy musical constructions, along six different tracks, for a total of 40 minutes, modulating softly and with cinematic digressions , in now more eclectic passages, at other times more tense and eccentric, always with a strong emotional impact. Giuseppe Musmeci, this is the name of the musician’s registry, he chose for the Locked-In Syndrome project the Hidden Shoal, an independent Australian label that has focused its work on experimenters and bands not related to a specific genre. The result is interesting and worthy of careful listening.

Willem Gator “Locked-In Syndrome” Reviewed at Global Music Magazine

Carried by a strong rhythmic foundation and steeped in audacious sounds, it is possible to describe the new album by the Italian Giuseppe Musmeci, who, as author, however, states the project Willem Gator.

He has baptized his work “Locked-In Syndrome”. Probably because his music sounds like it’s breaking out of the corset of the musical mainstream. Obviously, Willem Gator refuses to swim, copy, and search for what matters best. Occasionally, his beats and synth sounds sound as if he wants to prove that noncomformance can lead to catchy music.

With catchy music we do not mean pop music, so nothing that immediately and immediately like. Everything, just do not adapt, is more the motto of the Italian. He does not move so much offside with his pulsating drum loops and feverish sequencer lines. So far from the fact that she quickly gets in the ear, his music is not at all. Rather, only a small thing is missing. This charming game, as if to say that I could, if I wanted, mastered Giuseppe Musmeci perfectly.

So he drives his fun for almost 40 minutes. As a listener, you are in the end sweaty about the merciless force of this music. When game consoles dance to steamrams, it must sound like “Locked-In Syndrome”. Wow!

Rewilding ‘High Desert’ Reviewed at The Sunday Experience

“Further Hidden Shoal loveliness, this time in the shape of Rewilding’s ‘high desert’ – a track called from an imminent self-titled set due middle of next month. Rewilding is the alter ego / instrumental project of one Jake McFee of Connected View, as the...

Chloe March ‘Let It All In’ Reviewed at The Sunday Experience

There may come a time when upon encountering new groove from Chloe March, descriptions such as enchanting and beguiling might prove superfluous, not on this occasion though. A new album, ‘blood red spark’ incoming on the adored Hidden Shoal, from off which ‘let it all in’ has been sent as a herald. A dream like visitation caressed in a twinkling neo classical torch toned wooziness, its delicate folk framing genteelly hushed and seductively surrendered in an evensong intimacy all lost in a moment of reflection. For here an ethereal whispering and the poetic dance of demurred expressionism and ghost lit tenderness forge a quietly alluring waltz whose forlorn crush sighs amid the glow of noir breezed dissipates. And while the press release might rightly point that its beautified and amorphous craft owes to the other worldly spectral reach of both David Sylvian and C Duncan, we here however, are much minded of an unusually vulnerable Jane Weaver sweetly shimmering in the grooves.

Target Archery ‘Soujourn’ Reviewed at Overblown

This one is a charmer. Sitting somewhere between alt-folk, alt-pop, and post-rock is the latest project from Ambrose Nock of Perth’s instrumentalists Apricot Rail. Titled Target Archery, the music on offer here is warm and charming. Endearing, but not without gravitas, the music is playful and yet full of emotion and drama too.

This is perfect to assuage the Sunday night fear that sets in when one becomes acutely aware of the working week ahead. Let this ease those aches and pains for you. You will not regret it.

Willem Gator ‘Closer’ Reviewed at Escafandrista

Closer is the first sample of the Sublime Locked-In Syndrome , the fifth album by Italian electronic producer Willem Gator .The artist creates a combination of downtempo beats, bass lines and a multitude of oriental and orchestral instruments. It focuses on each song gradually increasing in emotional intensity, helping to incorporate both rock and electronic aspects. The result is an experience that is eminently danceable but deeply melancholic. It transmits hedonism and detachment. Electronic anthems scale the musical skies while probing the emotional lows.

Hidden Shoal is an Australia-based independent music label & licensing agency releasing and licensing music for film, tv, games and web.