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New Slow Dancing Society Album Out 23/8/16

Hidden Shoal is excited to announce the forthcoming release of The Wagers Of Love And Their Songs From The Witching Hour, the new album by American ambient artist Slow Dancing Society. The album will see release on 23/8/16 preceded by the first single ‘The Color of...

Arc Lab ‘All These Worlds Are Yours’ Music Video

We’re excited to be able to share another track and music video from the amazing forthcoming Arc Lab album Anthem (28/7/16). ‘All These Worlds Are Yours’ is the sublime closing track from the album and oozes a melancholic sci-fi finality from...

Antonymes Featured On Official Spotify Playlist

The stunning Antonymes track ‘Elegy (IV)’ has been included in the new official Spotify playlist Music For Concentration. The track sits among a set of beautiful music from the likes of Nils Frahm, Dustin O’Halloran, Jon Hopkins, Max Richter, Harold...

Featured Track – Erik Nilsson ‘Ex Nihilo’

On ‘Ex Nihilo’, the quicksilver opener to his superb 2015 album Hearing Things, Erik Nilsson‘s impressionistic deployment of the guitar is very much in the tradition of Talk Talk’s Mark Hollis: minimal notes, maximum impact. The track...

New Arc Lab Single, Album Pre-Orders & Video Teaser

We’re very excited to announce the release of ‘Through The Burning Glass‘, the first single lifted from the forthcoming Arc Lab album Anthem. On ‘Through the Burning Glass’, Medard Fischer draws inspiration from the majesty of Geogaddi-era Boards of...

Kramies & Alma Forrer ‘Into The Sparks’ (Acoustic) Video

We have a lovely little Tuesday delight for you in the form of a music video for the acoustic version of Kramies new single ‘Into The Sparks’ (feat. French chanteuse Alma Forrer). The track is a gorgeous anti-gravity ballad with Kramies and Alma’s voices...

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Arc Lab ‘Through The Burning Glass’ Reviewed at The Sunday Experience

i’m picking up Boards of Canada in a love in with Plaid happenings here and I’m cranking up the head phones and falling deep into wave forming wooziness, frankly it’s all too irresistible. This sound heads, is a teaser taste from a forthcoming Hidden Shoal lovely by Arc Lab entitled ‘through the burning glass’ – a single in fact culled from a planned ‘Anthem’ full length due sometime July end. To the emergence of oncoming pulsing shimmer tones, a stately alignment is forged whereby celestial fanfares tap out their love noted siren calls across the galactic voids much like a heavenly cavalry heading over the cosmic hills led from the fore by a bliss bathed Battles festooned in kosmiche kisses fired upon the hypnotic purr of motorik murmurs.

Antonymes “(For Now We See) Through a Glass Dimly” Reviewed at SoWhat

The sense of melancholy desolation, which is always present in the musical and photographic production of Hazeldine, continues to be the pivot around which the story develops, featuring the usual piano plots here are completed through the use of new elements. Among the airy symphonic openings of “The lure of the land” and chamber music textures of “Towards tragedy and dissolution” enhanced by an emphasis of the sound of the strings, are declined voice grafts space according to the ethereal singing of “Elegy II” ol ‘emphatic starred in “Sixteen zero six fifteen” and “Little Emblems of Eternity”, but also the use of additional instruments such as the trumpet, which is combined with the elegance of the piano melodies in “Fatal ambition”.

Arc Lab ‘All These Worlds Are Yours’ Reviewed at The Sunday Experience

Mentioned Arc Lab a few weeks ago in readiness of a forthcoming release entitled ‘Anthem’ through hidden shoal due July end, not that I’m suspecting you need nudges or the slight arm twist of persuasion but another of its gems has been leaked with the appearance on our listening radar of ‘all these worlds are yours’. As though emerging from the dark side of slo-mo docking alignment of Warm Digits and Art of the Memory Place types, this divinely demurred slice of starry eyed dreaminess is showered in the seductive spray of sonic sun spotting activity all propelled and purred by the head bowed grace fall of vintage kosmiche.

Glanko + Daniel Bailey “Isometrik” Reviewed at Igloo Mag

Two friends taking different musical paths—Glanko filtering glitch-data streams and electronics (ref. Igloo’s 2014 Alset review released on Halbsicht), Daniel Bailey on the guitarist/songwriter spectrum—bring together their strengths on the Isometrik EP with Australia’s expansive Hidden Shoal imprint.

A 4-track, 23-minute manifest featruring subdued low-pressure and high emotion, each slice a fragment of life, like fading Polaroids in your grandparents attic. Running parallel elements you might encounter alongside Loess and Loscil, each piece opens vivid laid-back sound arrays, textures, tones and trips.

Erik Nilsson “Recollage” Reviewed at Luna Kafe

When Hidden Shoal launched Erik Nilsson’s “Tail Lights” as a teaser from his album Recollage, I was triggered by its teasing beauty. Like I was taken last year when checking out his amazing second album, Hearing Things. This is all about hearing and finding things. Musical gemstones. Diamonds in the rough.

Kramies ‘Into The Sparks’ Reviewed at Half Life Music

A new release by Kramies is always something to be cherished. But, this time, our favourite self-styled dream-pop artiste has maybe met his match. After his recent dalliance in Angers and the subsequent release of the sublime forêts antiques EP, now he’s partnered with Alma Forrer, a young French singer-songwriter influenced by Barbara, Jacques Brel, and Michel Polnareff among others. It’s hard to imagine anyone more baba cool than Kramies, but Alma Forrer might just have managed it. There are two versions of ‘Into The Sparks’ to download. So, don’t write off the acoustic version, which is simply sublime.

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