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Medard Fischer Joins Hidden Shoal, New EP Announced

We’ve been holding this under our hat for a little while now so we’re excited to finally be able to an announce the signing of Medard Fischer to the Hidden Shoal family. Best known for his solo work as Arc Lab and Tyyson, and as half of Hidden Shoal’s...

HC-B’s Epic New Album “Rough” Released

Hidden Shoal is excited to announce the release of Rough, the epic new album by serpentine instrumental rock band HC-B, which includes slow-burning single ‘Deux’. On Rough, HC-B’s dexterous handling of dynamics and structure recalls fellow artisans of epic such as...

Doomed Love & Sea Monsters – New Music Video from The October Solution

The new video and single from The October Solution is here! Last month we shared some exciting production stills from the shoot of ‘Lost’, and now the video is ready to blow your mind. Produced by CINEMÂCHÉ (Daniel Principe of Studio Sunkie), the video “tells the tale...

Erik Nilsson ‘On and Onward’ – Stream & Download

Hidden Shoal is proud to announce the release of the stunning new track ‘On and Onward’ by Erik Nilsson, the first single from his forthcoming album Hearing Things (30th July 2015). The track is available for streaming via SoundCloud and download at BandCamp. The...

Featured Track – Hotels ‘The Heart That Hears Like A Bat’

‘The Heart That Hears Like A Bat‘ is a song as wonderful as its title, a gorgeously shadowy piece of film noir Bond pop. Tremolo guitars and vibraphone shimmer over the inimitable Hotels rhythm section like moonlight on a swimming pool, while Blake Madden...

Kramies Live at the Grand Theatre in Angers, France (Video Trailer)

We have a wonderful video trailer to share with you taken from Kramies‘ performance at the Grand Theatre in Angers, France in April. The full show with Kramies and wonderful french outfit A Singer Must Die was filmed by French producer Jerome Cassou and screens...

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The Star Department “The Pea Green Boat” Reviewed at Tomatrax

The album has a mix of shoegaze and indie pop sounds, sounding like a more experimental version of Belle and Sebastian. There are some beautiful sounds across the album, however the added experimentation is a bit hit in miss. When it hits it’s absolutely amazing!

HC-B “Rough” Reviewed at The Breakfast Jumpers

Great return of Catania HC-B., After the epic Soundcheck for a Missing Movie of 2009, make me once again goosebumps ears with five new songs. Rough came out last week for Hidden Shoal, majestic post-rock instrumental that plays repeatedly. Instant classic.

HC-B “Rough” Reviewed at il Cibicida

So once again it is a very strong sense with HC-B for kinematic and longing for the sound/image connection, that gives by implication, the sublime. This time, however, everything sounds more “rough”, rougher, more heartbreaking is the black color that is musical and existential if not music: see the reverberations of irreducible Three, the explosions in Deux febrile or the thrilling epic of One. It then slides possible lead us to fierce icy seas which are to crash on the rocks bristling (just “rough”) in what is a dramatic conflict between nature and feelings. Spectacular and chilling at the same time.

REW<< ‘To Come Unglued’ Reviewed at MFOA

REW is ryan e. webber, electronic musician with a new album due out soon on hidden shoal recordings. his music is pretty wild, one of my favorites of the many hidden shoal releases i’ve covered. it is at once wide and narrow, transcending genre while being very self contained in terms of the way it was created. elements of pure pop, world music, psych, techno, and electronica blend to create something that is good to listen to but defies your attempts to categorize it…which is something i love. the video is very psychedelic as well.

REW<< “Olive Skinned, Silver Tongued Siren Sings Swan Songs” Reviewed at Bluesbunny

“In the land of obscurity it is said that there are many treasures to be found and in the land of bedsit electronica it is said that there are gems just waiting to be unearthed. Whilst not highly polished, “Olive Skinned, Silver Tongued Siren Sings Swan Songs” by the curiously named REW<< does indeed sparkle more than somewhat.

Kramies ‘The Fate That Never Favored Us’ Reviewed at Crackling Vinyl

The track was produced by Jason Lytle of Grandaddy fame, who had also worked his desk magic for Kramies’ 2013 EP; The Wooden Heart. It is also worth noting that his debut release on Hidden Shoal, 2011’s The European EP, was produced and engineered by Todd Tobias (Guided By Voices and Robert Pollard).

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