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Troubled Mystic

by Liminal Drifter

Olive Skinned, Silver Tongued Sirens Sing Swan Songs

by REW<<

The Pea Green Boat
by The Star Department

by HC-B

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Featured Track – The Star Department ‘Stitches and Sleeves’

At the heart of The Star Department‘s superb debut album The Pea Green Boat lies ‘Stitches and Sleeves’. The track is bound together by a heartbreaking guitar line, a silvery waltz-time figure that sends shivers up the spine. Combined with shuffling...

Liminal Drifter’s Stunning Debut Released

We’re excited to announce the official release of Troubled Mystic, the debut album by Australian electronic artist Liminal Drifter, featuring collaborations with English dream-pop artist Chloe March. Drawing on the seminal Warp releases of the ’90s, including...

New Medard Fischer Track Stream

We’re excited to be able to present ‘Five Years Almost to the Day’, the first taste of the forthcoming Medard Fischer EP Four Songs for the City of New York.  Reflective piano chords are suspended amid glowing tones, rendering these three minutes...

Erik Nilsson “Hearing Things” Out Now!

We know you’ve been loving Erik Nilsson‘s sumptuous new track ‘On and Onward‘ and waiting for his second album to drop (we have cameras in your house). Well quit your waiting and start your listening as the beautiful sophomore release from...

Three Questions With Liminal Drifter

Dr. Simon Order, aka Liminal Drifter, wears many hats – academic, marathon runner and of course musician. Whilst it’s the latter we’re most interested in Order’s other two areas of activity inform his music in many key ways. The often wistful,...

REW<< Album Release & New Music Video

It’s a day of double joy for us, not only do we finally get to present the absolutely brilliant new album from REW<< to you in it’s its glory, we also have a beautiful new video for the album track ‘Swan’s Melody’ to excite your...

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The Star Department “Pea Green Boat” Reviewed at 4ZZZ

A dense, highly enjoyable experimental pop record by the Irish band, out through Perth’s Hidden Shoal. Spin this to round out the cold weather and reminisce about how good it was. Highlight: Superhawk – an aesthetically brilliant pop ballad with Steve Reich-ish compositional flourishes.

HC-B “Rough” Reviewed at PopDose

“It takes a great record to remind me how awkward it can be — yes yes, like dancing to architecture — to write about really good instrumental rock music. For the moment, the band putting me in said position is HC-B, the record is the group’s latest Hidden Shoal...

Elisa Luu “Enchanting Gaze” Reviewed at Igloo Mag

“Ringing in summer with church bells made of piano wire and synthesizer nubbins chiming charmingly out of sync, “Sabadilla” opens Elisa Luu’s brief but memorable new collection of sound art pieces. Her Enchanting Gaze is fixed on the close and personal,...

Les Limbes EP Reviewed at Hypnagogue

“Crusted in thick and gritty heavy metal tropes, from crunchy distorted guitars to viciously assaulted drums, Les Limbes’ debut EP is one of those albums you throw on when you need to break a speed limit somewhere. It’s just four tracks and less than 20 minutes...

The October Solution ‘Lost’ Reviewed at MFOA

“spaced out australian band the october solution creates music that harkens back to dark 80’s pop while including touches of modern electronica, post-rock, and even soul. it’s a strange mix that goes down smooth. i encourage you to observe the...

REW<< Reviewed at MFOA

“i featured a song by veteran musician, world traveler and prolific collaborator REW (ryan e. webber) awhile ago and now i’ve got the whole album to lay on you. the music is tough to describe, classify, or shoe-horn into a genre. the music is dreamy,...
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