“Staying on the subject of semi-classical and beautifully ethereal Pop music, TTD favourite and, as I always feel obliged to point out, no relation Chloë March rounds off what has been quite some year with  winter tune entitled Snow Bird. So I was delighted to receive her email telling me about the track. It finds her voice floating in otherworldly space between swirling synth patterns and cool ambience. Chloë has recently released an album of collaborations with US producer Todd Tobias (which included the extraordinary single Lallulow) and earlier in the year her single Wild Cherries with its haunting melancholy and eerie atmosphere became one of my singles of 2018 and remains so. In fact, I have selected as my Fresh on the Net track submission of the year which tells you just how much I love it. Snow Bird is less eerie but just as atmospheric and characteristically unique. There is a parallel universe somewhere in which Chloë is an international star. At least there should be.”

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