Chloe March ‘May’ Reviewed at The Sunday Experience

“We were only the other day getting a tad concerned at not hearing anything of late from Australia’s celebrated dream pop imprint Hidden Shoal when as though by magic (just between you and me I suspect some mind reading mischief is at play) we received a kindly email from Chloe March alerting us to a newly released EP entitled ‘under the day’ from which a video for the track ‘May’ has been released. One of those rare releases wherein you feel a quiet moment of your hectic day is required in order for you to sit with it, perhaps to comfort, allowing it to breath in the hope that it gives up its ghostly secrets and shyly blossoming beauty. Demurred in a frail Satie refrain, this fragile visitation is spun in a silvery poetic elegance that’s trimmed and traced in Autumnal rushes and the bathing of a pre dawning stillness blurred in a misty twilight glow atop of which Ms March’s lovelorn yearn aches crushingly from a hidden vantage point with tearful sympathy. Ice sculptured neo classicist dream folk at its most pristine and perfect and sheer heart breaking and humbling to boot.

The Sunday Experience

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