Antonymes + Slow Dancing Society 'We Don't Look Back for Very Long' – TwiceRemembered

Excerpt: ….It’s the perfect marriage of Sullivan’s 80’s era Ambient meet Hazeldine neo classical minimal ambient. To top it off it’s mastered by Wil Bolton (Hibernate records artists and the owner of the fine “Time Lapse” album) and comes in a limited edition of 100 copies that are letter pressed on 700gm GF Smith board designed by Ian himself. The release is/was a pre-order available from the Hidden Shoal store with 60 copies being there and the remaining 40 going to Norman Records and Stashed Goods. 2011 has been a very productive year for Antonymes, this being the third release on Hidden Shoal (the others being “The Licence to Interpret Dreams” album and the companion piece “Lost in waves of Light”) as well as the release on Time Released Sound and the quality has been there through all the releases. Quite an achievement.”


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