Todd Tobias “Gila Man” Reviewed at Festival Info

[Translated from the Dutch via Google. Read the original here.]

“Was his previous album, Tristes Tropiques, though mysterious, now Todd Tobias throws at Gila Man still just a little extra. The ever prolific Tobias addition to his work as a producer also include solo underway, and not the least pace. His albums are also very diverse. Tobias picks an overarching theme, but varies within the boards a lot.

As the cover suggests, Gila Man contains a lot of music that is inspired by the ‘Wild West’. The song ‘Howler’s Hill “is an example. The song begins with a constructive mix of guitar and electronics, and eventually degenerates into an explosion of psychedelics. The whole brings tension with it, certainly show through the dark electronic being performed. A guitar accompanies the whole with different tones and rhythms. Next song ‘High Lake’s Last Stand’ sounds correct again very hopeful and very diverse. The different ways in which guitar, tempos, and synthesizers are used, making the original number. Something quite different compared to previous records, is the fact that Tobias has contributed vocals. The English songwriter Chloe March brings soft and melodic vocals played and that’s all certainly benefit. The song is also something Gila Man distinguishes positive towards Tobias’ previous records.

The plate is nowhere the same, and it shows. “Popskull Kid ‘plays, for example a lot of strange electronic sounds, making it sound as if the aliens suddenly the’ Wild West ‘invaded. For that matter does the sound of the album is also very reminiscent of the atmosphere of the thriller part of the new series Westworld. The board picks actually perfect the exciting and airy moments together, by building occasionally correct voltage, but also by passing quiet (ambient) elements. “Pollen Path ‘is an example in which the listener exactly what more rest will be awarded.

The conclusion is therefore that on this album shines diversity. Tobias throws so many elements in the mix, it’s impossible to get bored. Throws it a good dose of fantasy in, then this album is at its best.”

Festival Info

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