“There really isn’t too much available in terms of background information regarding Irish dream-gaze duo The Star Department. Their Facebook has been active since 2012 yet only boasts seven published photos.

The bastards don’t even have a Cover Photo set! What kind of world do we live in where that’s even possible? Actually, one I wouldn’t mind dipping a toe in.

The Star Department, comprised of multi-instrumentalists Justin Commins (Kill Krinkle Club) and Michael Orange (Feather Beds, Soft Bones), quietly formed in Dublin in 2006. Their forthcoming debut LP, The Pea Green Boat, boasts production credits including David Brewis of Field Music, and Tom McFall (Bloc Party,REM, Stars, Weezer).

An initial offering nearly a decade in the making, The Pea Green Boat is led by “Stitches and Sleeves” which marries different ideologies apparent in the music of Tame Impala and Beach House winding into a beautifully demure atmosphere all the band’s own. Subdued but never boring, “Stitches and Sleeves,” would have been an intriguing submission to the Creation Records post box back in the 80’s, with a modern, pensive, romantic slant that dates The Star Department into whatever era they feel like swimming in.”

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