Lizard Point - French SongHidden Shoal is excited to present 1 the debut album by instrumental piano/guitar duo The Lizard Point. The album is available now as a limited run vinyl and in digital and streaming formats. Head to Bandcamp to order the vinyl and digital and stream the album via Spotify and the other usual suspects.

Named after the opening track of Brian Eno’s Ambient 4: On Land, The Lizard Point are Conor Devlin (AWMA, The Caseworker) and Geoffrey Scott (Slowness). True to their name’s origins, 1 paints an evocative landscape filled with unique locales. Each track feels like its own unique lens on an imagined place, tapping into the remnants of what feels like a collective memory. The duo employ piano and guitar to craft elegant instrumentals that evoke a nocturnal, pastoral space, vivid enough to step inside.

Recorded at Monte Vallier’s Ruminator Audio studio in San Francisco, many of the songs originated with parts that Geoff played on a piano that once belonged to Charlie Chaplin, before Conor coloured the pieces using the studio’s huge array of amplifiers and guitars. The raw songs were captured on tape, then the duo developed the arrangements, employing samples and found sounds, before the album was mastered by legendary producer Kramer (Galaxie 500, Low, Daniel Johnston, Urge Overkill).

The music of The Lizard Point is available for licensing (film, tv, web and more) via Hidden Shoal. More info here.