Tarcutta Debut Album Release and Launch

Hidden Shoal Recordings are proud to announce the official release of the self-titled debut album by Melbourne-based instrumental rock trio Tarcutta.

On their self-titled debut, Tarcutta transport the listener on a compelling ride through a breathtaking musical landscape. Right from the scene-setting intro of opener ‘Mount Bartle Frere’ to the raw, explosive power of finale ‘Flag Hags Must Die’, the band render their songs with astonishing detail and clarity, cramming more melodic ideas into each song than most instrumental bands manage in whole albums. Single ‘You Gotta Crawl…’ unfolds into being with a luminous pattern on 12-string electric guitar, the low hum of Hammond organ, and a delicious brushed drum figure. Delicate Hammond organ runs are gradually stirred in before the song changes direction and builds into an eddying spiral of tumbling melody. Elsewhere, ‘Liberace Fibonacci’ thrills with its awesome organ riff, before taking flight through a series of dizzying twists and turns. And luminous centerpiece ‘No Light No Shade’ features a spine-tingling guest vocal from Jess Cornelius (Teeth & Tongue) and a wonderfully bluesy coda.

“…it blossoms and terra-forms through a myriad of mood enhancing manoeuvres as it accelerates through a mind blowing odyssey of lysergic tipped star crested sound-scapes that at various points see it embroidering upon its rich tapestry elements of psyche, jazz and progressive space rock, in short it’s a six minute trip to enlightenment.” – Losing Today on Single ‘You Gotta Crawl…’

Tarcutta will be launched and officially released on CD at Melbourne’s East Brunswick Club on July 23rd. The album is distributed in Australia through Hidden Shoal Distribution and in the US and Europe via n5Mailorder. The album is also be available digitally through the Hidden Shoal Store and all good third-party digital music stores (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, LaLa etc). Check the Hidden Shoal Store for all CD and digital availability info.

Stream the album in full here and read a press release here.

Tarcutta – Mount Bartle Frere Tarcutta – Mount Bartle Frere

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