“Tangled Star ‘that time’ (hidden shoal). How could we honestly resist, another case of a band seemingly so far escaping the affectionate gaze of our usually slightly off tuned radar – until now that is. Led from the fore by a certain Craig Hallsworth, Tangled Star have been something of a much admired fixture on the Australian indie underground for a few years now releasing in that time a self titled debut full length and several EP’s and singles the most recent being this demurring 4 track set entitled ’that time’. blessed with an acute ability to have you all at once marvelling aglow in subdued awe at the spectacle of their delicately calibrated caress like airy drift pop while simultaneously drawing you low amid the affecting undertow of bruised hurt, ‘Pictures of Lefty’ is particularly cast as such, an absorbing and yearning beauty dimpled with porch dreamt reflective sea faring opines and that self same cosy toed bitter sweet melancholia of wallowing crestfallen country tweaked tides that at one time a few years ago appeared to be the sole trademark sound of both Pavement and Garlic. Similarly affected is the woody and mellow ’seabirdtown’ with its welcoming opening ambit a simply plaintive ‘fuck’ soon given way to something that ripples, radiates and blossoms amid a dressage of shimmering keys and softly burnt riff cascades which had us much in mind of Hefner shimmying with the Clientele at times. ’I had something good in my life and didn’t want to lose it’ should prove particular interest to admirers of the criminally underappreciated Kelman with its 60’s sourced hollowed soul pop drive and distant nods to early career Go Betweens though all said for us best moment of the set is the parting title cut ’that time’. a gorgeously bespoke slice of numbing classicism brought on by the souring serenade of an introspectively cast key braid, all at once mellow and elegant and of course surrendering and teasingly tearful. Tasty stuff.”

Losing Today