“It’s been almost four years since we’ve heard anything new echo out of the chambers of Perth’s Tangled Star. Fair enough, seeing as their front man Craig Hallsworth has been busy over the years with bands like The Bamboos, The Healers and The Slow Beings. Ive never really had a handle on what Tangled Star do – the best I could come up with is through obscure comparisons, so I’m going to avoid that today. Instead, Ill state that ‘Head In The Sand’ is an elegiac traipse through a sepia-tinged 90s, where indie guitar pop in

Australia had a distinct edge (see: Pollyanna, Gaslight Radio, Smudge, Bluebottle Kiss, about 100 others). It’s dusty, dreamlike and rustic, loud in the shadows, hushed and sated in the light. Hallsworth’s vocals provides that rich timbre that those excellent 90s bands all possessed also, leaving us with a song that sounds pleasantly nostalgic and unabashedly modern also.

Perth label Hidden Shoal Recordings have always delved into the hushed, considered echelons of guitar rock (their reissue of San Francisco trio Half Film’s two albums last year was a particularly pertinent coup), and have ensured that Tangled Star’s new album Let’s Adjourn To The Garden (out June 18) is one to monitor closely.”

Sonic Masala