“Head In The Sand” is the brand new single from Australians Tangled Star, and an excellent pick to promote the forthcoming album Let’s Adjourn To The Garden (due out June 18th). This one’s a little gem, yet again presenting Craig Hallsworth’s skills creating melodic pop-hooks and mild and affectionate power-pop.

Former records, the mini-album Our Man in Eden Hill and the EP That Time have proved Tangled Star to be waiters of catchy and accessible pop songs. “Head In The Sand” is no exception. In fact it’s one of the better songs I’ve heard from them, besides “tosleepingpeople”. Again they make me think of some of Flying Nun’s kiwi poppers, and briefly a fuzzed and rockier The Go-Betweens. This is indie pop at its best. Sugar-coated, yet a bit raw. Rich-sounding and many-flavoured, with a surprising piano outtro. A true pop gem, but as the world’s unfair, I guess the world won’t listen.

I’ve got a new friend and it’s name is “Head In The Sand”.”

Luna Kafe