“Sometimes you need to immerse yourself in music for a mini holiday break. So when stress increases at home or work, use this song as a coping mechanism. There must be some kind of sonic black magic woven into each note that makes the debut single from Swedish trio Otinget such a transformative experience.

What begins as straightforward indie folk in the style of Junip or The Tallest Man on Earth evolves into something epic. The sweeping soundscapes created by Erik Nilsson (vocals, guitar), Victor Alneng (bass), and Tomas Eriksson (drums) soon reach cathartic levels on par with Sigur Rós and Dungen. The latter’s Reine Fiske on guitar provides some of the post-rock depth, but this group’s overall dynamic is fueled by their chemistry.

These guys are stellar musicians whose collective virtuosity is displayed throughout. Every note keeps listeners transfixed; every chord heightens interest in what will follow. The mellowness of the first half shines with Americana-inspired instrumentation. But around the four-minute mark that leisurely path takes a detour. Then a maelstrom full of swirling guitars, bass, and percussion continues for two more minutes. Only when the melodic calm returns do you begin to catch your breath.

If this stunning debut single is any indication, Otinget will likely rank high on many critics’ best albums of 2021 lists. Look for its release in September via Hidden Shoal Records.”

The Revue