Todd Tobias & Chloe MarchWe’re incredibly excited to present ‘Lallulow’, the first single from Amialluma, a collaborative album by Todd Tobias and Chloe March. The track is available to stream via SoundCloud and to download via both artist’s Bandcamp pages. See Todd Tobias and Chloe March‘s profile page for more info and links. Amialluma will see release through Hidden Shoal on the 4th of September 2018.

After a number of stunning track collaborations on Todd Tobias’s 2015 album Gila Man, Chloe March and Todd Tobias have joined forces on their new full-length, Amialluma. Following on from Tobias’s recent album Massabu Evening Entertainments and March’s own Blood-Red Spark, this new album brings both artists’ distinct musical sensibilities together to create a bewitching brew. Dwelling in a mysterious hinterland somewhere between Cocteau Twins’ seminal Victorialand and The Caretaker’s Persistent Repetition of Phrases, Amialluma dances between the earthly and heavenly. Chloe March’s celestial voice shines a light through Todd Tobias’s dark, fantastical soundscapes, resulting in a sublime, uncanny experience that enraptures and unsettles in equal measure.

The tracks from Amialluma along with the solo work’s of Todd Tobias and Chloe March are available for licensing (film, tv, web, games and beyond). More info here.