[Translated from the Dutch via Google. Read the original here.]

“Moonchy & Tobias is the musical collaboration between multi-instrumentalist and singer Pat Todd Tobias Moonchy. On the debut was sung in a made-up language. On this second album “Atmosfere” This again appears to be the case. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Moonchy & Tobias chooses Italian
Italian Pat Moonchy sings this time in her native language. Not that it matters. In fact nothing to like what you do in the holiday gets it.

Pat Moonchy takes you back into the past. When there were no devices with plugs and those endless conversations conducted with each other. After all, they had nothing. For the album “Atmosfere” is that you just have nothing else to do than to listen to tell Moonchy & Tobias. Soft guitar and delicate vocals bring peace.

Brazilian influences
It starts with the repetitive, instrumental ‘Arcabaleno. Title track “Atmosfere” subsequently many Brazilian influences from the school of Antônio Carlos Jobim. On “Lo Sguardo ‘is again the repetitive work of Todd Tobias that intoxicates.

“Occasione ‘is slightly firmer and more worldly. You feel you are in the Middle East. These are influences that Todd Tobias does stop more often in his music. ‘Velo’ in Italian has a very different meaning. This duo casts a veil. ‘Amico’ sounds a lot friendlier ears.

Led Zeppelin
“Dall’Occhio ‘is Italian blues that I’m crazy enough to think all the time Led Zeppelin. That does not fall on deaf ears. Because in “Senso Del Tempo Moonchy and Tobias do their reputation as art rock duo honor. The song that most lingers is’ Pioggia e Sale “. A chilling melody, sung with emotion. On “Grumo” is even some hit potential of admiring. And so there is still plenty to explore on this wonderful album.”