Moonchy & Tobias “Atmosfere” Reviewed at Music Won’t Save You

[Translated from the Italian via Google. Read the original here.]

“On the sidelines of the well-established one with Chloë March, Todd Tobias recently embarked on another collaboration with a female voice. In the case of Pat Moonchy, the historic name of the Milanese avant-garde who in turn presents an extremely varied and stimulating curriculum, the meeting had already resulted in a shared homonymous work published last year, which is now immediately followed in “Atmosfere “.

While the first chapter of Moonchy & Tobias presented a more markedly experimental imprint, conveyed by the murky sound environments of the American artist and the deconstructed vocalizations of Moonchy, his immediate following denotes as a first novelty the presence of real texts, scanned in Italian in the form of declamations or harmonic movements, not always easily intelligible, that form a whole with instrumental substrates ranging from a surprising acoustic psychedelia to impervious twists under the sign of static electricity or liquid tension with wave contours post-punk.

The fresco drawn by the twelve short passages of “Atmosfere” outlines a dystopian universe populated by ghostly echoes, but also at times softened by evident psych-folk nuances that, in particular in “Dall’occhio” and in the title track, show off a surprisingly flat writing, to balance the most intricate experimental ideas enclosed in a fruition work that is not always easy, but full of stimulating hybridizations of styles and sensibilities.”

Music Won’t Save You

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