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Pat Moonchy is an Italian vocalist (the word singer does her short) who is known in the experimental kraut rock / drone (Sothiac, Faust). American Todd Tobias is a multi-instrumentalist, best known for his work with Guided by Voices. On this album he takes care of the entire instrumentation. Where their debut Moonchy & Tobias sounds more experimental, psychedelic and unfinished, their successor Atmosfere has become more accessible. This is partly due to the production, but also the fact that Moonchy now sings in Italian instead of a self-made language.

The album is a collection of quiet soundclouds, which are built up by acoustic guitar supplemented with electronics. Moonchy’s vocals create a dreamy whole. She can sound childish Asian, like on “Dall” Occhio “, but also emotionally threatening like on” Pioggia e Sale “. The quality and intensity of her voice gives these elongated melodies of Tobias a certain direction, without attributing them to an unambiguous genre. For example, “Velo” sounds most like an indie-pop song, while “Altri Se” gets something classic. It is precisely this mix of different styles that keeps you listening. Especially the monotone “Occasione”, the art-rock of “Senso Del Tempo” and the pop of “Grumo” will stay with you. It is a pity that some songs are occasionally cut seemingly casually.

Welcome to the world of Moonchy & Tobias: it is one that continues to surprise in an almost intoxicating way. When you listen to this album, you wonder why it took so long for them to find each other. Rarely does a duo sound so well attuned to each other: you hear the mutual respect in their search for new sounds and atmospheric images.”

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