Markus Mehr “In The Palm Of Your Hand (The Remix EP)” Reviewed at Igloo Mag

“Bavarian based sound designer and electronic artist Markus Mehr carries on here his creative and productive collaboration with the now classic label Hidden Shoal Recordings. This time Markus invited a handful of artists to remix his latest recordings collected in the recommended binary rooms. The listener is immersed in a dense, tense, refined and exceptionally moving semi jazzy inflected minimal electronic experience.

First remix by Incite encompasses the aesthetics of abstract modern glitch-ambient and modern classical music with treated minimal piano touches and kinetic electronic scintillations. Very sculptural, hypnotic and pulsating this track reveals lovely textured sound ambiences in a brilliant elegant mood. While Conga Fever’s remix is a punchy, efficient and groovy cinematic electronic interlude, Erik Nilsson’s remix is a more modern classical / ambient electronic affair where acoustic detached-semi romantic timbres meet systemic and menacing electronic motifs. A well nuanced and evocative track. David Koch’s remix is surfing on the same stylistic path with a very seducing and alluring approach on minimal electronics. A cohesive, dynamic, emotionally vibrant and greatly orchestrated album from start to the end. It will definitely convince fans of Markus Mehr’s original musical syncretism as well as fans of IDM and post-techno ambient manifests. A great musical companion to the excellent Binary Rooms.”

Igloo Mag

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