Markus Mehr “Binary Rooms” Reviewed at Decoder Magazine

“Now five albums deep into a well-developed and diverse career within your basic experimental ambient/drone/noise framework, Germany’s Markus Mehr returned late last year with his latest album Binary Rooms, pushing his emotionally-charged sonic sculptures into much more dangerous and unpredictable territory, all while sounding more sculpted and designed than ever. The album plays on a sense of aural scale, the volumes and densities of specific sounds carefully examined, molded into shapes and arranged within a systemic puzzle of stereo. “Gymnasium / Swarms” is an intense listen and a real treat with the accompanying video by Stefanie Sixt, which expertly visualizes each sound’s minutiae of detail and their swift, subtle movements with 3-demensional abstract shapes and colors. Totally mesmerizing and beautiful. Binary Rooms is out now on Hidden Shoal Recordings.”

Decoder Magazine

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