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In that broad limbo between reminiscences wave and soundscapes driven by the rhythm ranks the Australian Daniel Cavalli, to debut under the alias Makee with a self-titled EP released by compatriot Hidden Shoal.

I spent the drummer of Horses make full justification of its interest applied to a language eminently electronic, not averse to temptations dancefloor but in hindsight animated by a spirit more akin to that of feverish “Madchester” wildest of the early nineties that brain idm current practices.

If fact, the opening words “Bail”, with its deep electronic beats, could herald a job in key purely wave-gaze not averse to an expressive dimension of physical nature, the density of the plot between keyboards and guitars of “Stez” and “Wake”, complete with vocals low and dark, turns towards horizons more turbid restlessness, which recall how extraordinary the British alternative scene of the nineties was also populated by bands such as Happy Mondays and Stone Roses certain. In this sense, the first evidence of record Makee is both the representation of a cross-section expressive dating, usually not very considered, and its actualization in a lively electronic dimension.

Music Won’t Save You