[Translated from the French via Google Translate. Read the original here.]
“The Hidden Shoal label, which has already released the excellent Kramies record , has unveiled a few days ago a new project from Australia: Makee. Behind Makee and his first self-titled EP is hiding the composer and musician Daniel Cavalli.

Makee creates danceable and atmospheric electronica. Beaches both soft and rhythmic throughout with a flush of nostalgia.The five titles on the disc are in the image of its beautifully painted cover: they point to an evanescent horizon, makes great outdoors, pastel shades and bright sounds.

Here, guitars, keyboards synthetic cloths, faraway voice samples and some scattered beyond deci blend harmoniously. The opening track is disco travel as soft and radiant vibrations, on Bord, the final instrumental pop tinged with soothing rhythm guitars, the compositions of the Australian happening happiness in simplicity and apparent lightness that one relishes from beginning to end.”