Kramies ‘I Wished I Missed You’ Reviewed at Nooga

“Dutch-American singer-songwriter Kramies appreciates the effect that geography can have on music. When he decided to begin work on a new EP, he traveled to Shankill Castle in Ireland to see what inspiration awaited. His plan was also to write some B sides to accompany the release, and some of these were even demoed in the castle with rudimentary equipment to harness that primitive environment. His folk and dream pop tendencies merged in this haunting place, allowing him to tap into some ancient sounds that could only have come from this location. The resulting songs are often darkly gentle, full of lost loves and recrimination—and also filled with a sorrow that silently seeps into each note and chorus.

What happens when love expires and people move on? That’s the question Kramies looks to answer on his latest single, “I Wish I Missed You,” a forlorn and shattered song about the end of love and why we cling to its memory. Draping the track in hushed melodies that adorn its folkish gait, he sets out to document the dissolution of affection in a way that’s honest and quietly devastating. For the video, he teamed up with his wife and director, Cam Merton, to create an atmospheric countryside where ghosts of the past become lost in their thoughts. The hazy rhythms of the song are perfectly balanced by the haunting natural surroundings that envelop Shankill Castle and evoke half-remembered dreams and experiences.”

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